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Just a quick gander at this Deepz's previous posts and I get the impression he's been fraped (or whatever the TLW equivalent is - Durango'd maybe?). Well it's either that or his previous history was all an elaborate ruse and one which ultimately served no purpose.

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Anybody want to see my penis? Just close your eyes and it will be there. Just at the very edge of your vision, you think you see something. A shadow when there's nothing there. You can't put your finger on it. That's because it's my penis and you need both hands.

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    • Horrible twats 
    • I’d have thought that was obvious myself. 
    • When the Nazis came to power, the first anti-Jewish thing they brought in was the Civil Service Law which forbade Jews from working in the civil service or public office. A couple of years later, they banned Jewish doctors from treating non-Jewish patients. During the pandemic, all NHS doctors and nurses - that refused to be vaccinated - were fired. If you're a newly qualified nurse/ doctor, you can't practice medicine without mandatory COVID vaccination.   They then stopped Jews from being members of the Reich Ministry of Culture. The Nazis did this to stop them working in radio stations, in theatres, or producing artwork of any kind - ostensibly, taking their voice away from them. They also held mass bonfires to burn books by Jewish authors. David Icke had his youtube channel removed for questioning the official narrative of the virus. Lots of social media commentators have been de-platformed for similar things. Chinese doctors who challenged the WHO narrative were rounded up and disappeared.   The Nazis then boycotted Jewish businesses to weaken the Jewish people financially. Greece has brought in a law where unvaccinated people have to pay a 100 euro fine every month. Many countries are talking about fines for people going out if they are unvaccinated.   The Nazis then brought in the Nuremberg laws of 1935, which stripped Jews of German citizenship and started segregating them from the rest of society. They were forbidden from marrying non-Jews or having sexual relationships with them. We have a media that paints the unvaccinated as moronic, dangerous, stupid and most of all... selfish. Unvaccinated people are not allowed at sporting events, concerts, restaurants etc.    In 1938, the Reich Supreme Court declared that being a Jew was grounds for dismissal in any job. We've seen many private companies follow the governments lead and sack their staff if they are unvaccinated. How long until being unvaccinated is an official sackable offence in every job?   Jews are now required to carry papers. Their passports are marked with a red letter 'J' to differentiate them from non-Jews. The famous badges that depict the Star of David are brought in the following year. COVID passes are now necessary for travel. Private businesses can refuse entry if you don't have an 'up to date' COVID pass. Current and up to date has changed. The government initially promised COVID passes for all people who had double vaccine status. Now it requires a booster jab, and presumably, the next booster jab will invalidate the first, and so on. It's kind of similar to the way the Nazis would change the law every couple of months to make a Jewish persons papers invalid.    The Nazi's then sent 30,000 Jewish leaders to concentration camps. The Nazi's did this for the German people's protection, of course. Then the curfews started. And the rest, as you say, is history. 
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