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Liverpool 0 Fulham 1 - Prem (May 1 2012)

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LIVERPOOL 0 Fulham 1

Report by Dave Usher at Anfield



Scorer(s) –

Half Time - 0-1

Venue - Anfield

Date - Tue 1 May 2012

Star Man – Alexander Doni



















Well that was a complete waste of time. Half the squad were sat in the stands and the rest of them looked like they wished they were too. It almost felt like the players who played in this game treated it like some kind of punishment, as much like the crowd they really looked like they'd rather be somewhere else. This was bad, really bad in fact, but it wasn't particularly surprising.


There's no point getting worked up over it, the decision to leave Gerrard, Suarez and Bellamy at home was the correct one as far as I'm concerned, but it didn't leave us with much to work with. The attacking burden fell on the shoulders of Carroll, Maxi, Kuyt and Shelvey. All have their attributes and all can look good when surrounded with better players. Essentially, they're the 'supporting cast', with Gerrard and Suarez (and to a lesser extent Bellamy) being the star turns. With none of the star turns involved, we were relying on the supporting cast to step up and they were simply incapable of doing it.


None of them are 'difference makers' on their own. Throw in the fact that half the team appeared to be sulking because their selection suggests they won't be starting the cup final, and it made for a wretched evening. It's not that there was no effort, but there was no passion or belief. Most of this team are not going to be starting on Saturday but there was always the possibility that an outstanding performance from someone may have changed Kenny's mind. Not one of them gave the manager anything to think about and I imagine he knows exactly what his starting eleven at Wembley will be.


Fulham had never won at Anfield before, but it was obvious from early on that they'd never have a better opportunity. They included three former Liverpool players in their starting line up, and two of them combined for the first goal. Riise's cross should have been turned in Alex Kacaniklic but he scuffed his shot and the ball hit Skrtel on the chest and went past the helpless Doni. Unlucky for Skrtel as he could do nothing about it, but Fulham were looking menacing every time they attacked. Probably because they did it with pace, something we could only dream of with the players we had on the field.


Everything we did was slow and laboured, there was no incisiveness about anything, especially out wide where Maxi and Kuyt would always have to stop and go backwards because they didn't have the legs to run the full back. Pogrebnyak almost made it 2-0 when Fulham sliced through the middle of our backline with ease but Doni kept him out with a decent save. It wouldn't be the only time he needed to do that.


Our midfield was terrible in the first half, Spearing wasn't at the races at all and was either giving the ball away or falling over. He improved a lot in the second half in fairness, whilst his partner Henderson was equally as bad before the break and was subbed at half time. I'd like to think he was hooked for his poor display, but let's be honest, he was being rested for Saturday wasn't he?


Carroll and Shelvey actually did alright in the first half I thought. Carroll won most of his headers and did as much as could be expected, whilst Shelvey was the only one to really try and threaten Schwarzer's goal. He had one shot cleared off the line by Haageland and also flashed another shot across the face of goal after being sent clear by Carroll. He's the classic example of someone who can offer something to the side when he's with the better players, but it's asking a lot to expect him to lead the charge as he's just not at that level.


At half time I would have said Carroll was our best performer up to that point, but he was shite in the second half. He wasn't alone. Kuyt was abysmal throughout, really bad. I'd have subbed him at half time and put Raheem Sterling on, but instead Kenny replaced Henderson with Downing. Let's be honest, how many of this team actually wanted to be out there and how many would rather have been sat in the stands with the good players?


At least the game would have meant something to Sterling, he wouldn't have seen it as being a chore. Whatsmore, the kid can do something than nobody else in that forward line could. He can run and he can take people on. He would have also woken the crowd up too, this was as bad an atmosphere as I can ever remember, but it's hardly surprising. Sterling excites people, and it pissed me off that we had to wait until 15 from minutes from time for him to get his chance. He did alright when he came on, he put in two brilliant crosses and won us a free-kick just outside the box. If he'd had longer who knows what he might have done. He certainly couldn't have contributed less than his more experienced team-mates.


We barely created anything second half, it was dire. Carroll had a couple of openings but didn't threaten the keeper and Maxi almost got through before he was denied by a last ditch challenge by Haageland. Fulham had the better chances and should have won by more than just the one goal really. Substitute Frey hit the post and Dempsey was twice denied by the excellent Doni, who was the only one to come out of this with any credit.


There's really not much more to say about it. It was brutal, our league position is brutal, but Saturday is all that counts right now. If we win that game then the league woes can be swept under the carpet in the euphoria of two cup wins. This defeat to Fulham will be forgotten as the important thing was that we were allowed to rest our key players.


If we don't win at Wembley however, everything takes on a whole different slant and there's going to be plenty of flak flying around as not only are we likely to finish below the blues, but we're now level on points with Fulham and only three ahead of West Brom.


Defeat on Saturday is simply not an option.



Team: Doni; Kelly, Skrtel, Coates, Aurelio (Enrique); Spearing, Henderson (Downing); Kuyt (Sterling), Shelvey, Maxi; Carroll:

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I don't see the point of Enrique coming on for Aurelio. He might have been tired (or injured of course), but the one thing we needed towards the end was good crossing and that's the one thing Aurelio provide us with.


Speaking of crossing. Why don't the other lads take a look at Aurelio in training and try and learn something, because there is hardly any player at this club that can put in a well hit cross anymore? Bellamy can and Sterling is also capable as he showed last night, but most of the others are just being sloppy and the way were playing with a big man like Carroll up front. I could include Stevie, but he's also very wasteful at times. Then other times he hits them perfectly, but in general he should be doing better for a player his quality. But the worst of the lot is definitely Kelly and Enrique. They are great at coming into positions, but the pace and direction of their crosses are all over the place.


I see I forgot Johnson and Downing, but they are just as bad as the other, although Johnson very often chose to move inside and go for the shot himself, often leaving the winger who has moved into a better position looking like a twat (usually Downing).

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Liverpool make £49.4m yearly loss


it is this kind of attitude that keeps us 8th in the league with 49 points..


whats stopping us from finishing higher than that? Our worst positioning till 1954. I'd be happier with 4th place and no lower league carling cup and cheaper than europa league, fa cup. I'd be happier with 6 extra wins in the league (6x3=18 points, 18+49= 67 points, 3rd place above arsenal 66). Not asking much am I?

13 defeats, 10 draws... disgrace. just 6 more wins.


Even so, Liverpool should embrace Europa League and try to win it next season.


Europa League Prize money from wikipedia


Similarly to the UEFA Champions League, the prize money received by the clubs is divided into fixed payments based on participation and results, and variable amounts that depend of the value of their TV market.[14]


A group stage participation in the Europa League nets €640,000, with a €60,000 bonus per group match played. A victory in the group pays €140,000 and a draw €70,000. Reaching the knock-out matches triggers additional bonuses: €200,000 for the round of 32, €300,000 for the round of 16, €400,000 for the quarterfinals and €700,000 for the semifinals. The losing finalists receive €2 million and the champions get €3 million.[15] In comparison, any team that reaches the UEFA Champions League group stage will be paid €3.9 million.[16]


According to UEFA the fixed payments for the 2010/2011 UEFA Europa League season were as follows:[17]


1st qualifying round: €90,000

2nd qualifying round: €90,000

3rd qualifying round: €90,000

Playoffs: €90,000

Group stage: €640,000

For each match in group stage: €60,000

Group match victory: €140,000

Group match draw: €70,000

Round of 32: €200,000

Round of 16: €300,000

Quarter-finals: €400,000

Semi-finals: €700,000

Losing Finalist: €2,000,000

Winning the Final: €3,000,000


FA Cup winner gets £1,800,000

Carling Cup winner gets £100,000

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Guest davelfc

Let me start by stating that Kenny made the right decision to prioritise the FA Cup over this game against Fulham. Having had a warning when we lost 2 keepers for a semi and knowing our luck this season, nobody could make a case for risking players in this game. I've yet to hear of a player being suspended in the stands or in fact injured sitting on his arse watching us from there. Although Michael Stensgaard and his ironing board incident should serve as a warning for obscure injuries.


Sure a few mongs may attempt to have a go over resting the players if things don't go our way tomorrow, but then those same people would have been jumping all over Kenny for risking key players so close to a cup final. Yes it's a sad state of affairs when most of the cunts I know in this world support the same club as I do. I use the word 'support' lightly.


That doesn't give the players selected the right to perform as badly as they did but I didn't think Fulham were that good to be honest. I agree that those starting probably sulked a little knowing that they were hardly likely to play a major role on Saturday. There would have been a time that some players would have bust a gut and given the manager a difficult choice, not these days with these pampered fairies. They effectively played themselves out of contention, apart from a few who despite the others gave a decent account of themselves.


I noticed chelsea played a decent strength side and lost, they were still up for a 4th place finish so make of that what you will.

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