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Norwich City 0 Liverpool 3 - Prem (Apr 28 2012)

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Norwich City 0 LIVERPOOL 3

Report by Dave Usher



Scorer(s) – Luis Suarez (3)

Half Time - 0-2

Venue - Carrow Road

Date - Sat 28 Apr 2012

Star Man – Luis Suarez













You could say this has been a long time coming. The performance wasn't much different from how we've played for most of the season. Plenty of the ball, chances created, denied by the woodwork, the main difference this time was the comfortable margin of victory, which was a result of Luis Suarez finding the net instead of the post, the keeper or the stands.


There's been much discussion as to whether this is the best hat-trick ever scored by a Liverpool player. In terms of the quality of all three goals, it certainly takes some beating. Each finish was better than the last. The first sublime, the last ridiculous. This could have happened numerous times this season and I'm certain Suarez will never have a year like this again. So many chances missed, so many times denied by the woodwork, so many games missed through an unjust suspension. He has 11 league goals to his name but it could and should be double that. I'm certain next year it will be.


Even in this game he missed the easiest chance he had. It didn't matter, as he buried three others, two of which he had no right to score and a third that more often than not he wouldn't take. Aside from the goals, he was electric and the Norwich defence just couldn't contain him. They resorted to crude fouls out of sheer desperation. Bennett and Ward will never face a more difficult opponent than Suarez in this form.


Having said that, they were ultimately responsible for their own downfall, as all three goals were a result of their defenders either being caught in possession or losing out in challenges they were favourite to win.


The first goal owed much to the desire of Gerrard, who pressurised the defender and won the ball before dinking it into the path of Suarez. The striker was through on goal but was on his left foot and Ruddy was coming out to narrow the angle. Not an easy chance but the shot was unerring and found the corner of the net to set us on our way.


A crisp strike and a great finish, but one that he would soon eclipse with his second of the game. A short pass put Norwich defender Bennett in a bit of trouble as he was closed down by Suarez but he still should have cleaned everything out. Instead he was robbed by Suarez who had acres of space to run into, but he was the furthest player upfield and had no support (he had the awareness to have a quick look to see that before going alone).


He advanced into the box but the angle wasn't favourable. The only way place he could beat Ruddy was in the far corner, but given the angle and how far out he was, it would have to be a shot of extreme power. And it was. It was an amazing strike from an amazing player. Simply stunning.


We were completely on top and in total control of the game. Defensively we were untroubled, as Carragher and Agger were rock solid and neither full back was tested by a Norwich side that couldn't get anything going in the absence of top scorer Grant Holt.


Henderson, Shelvey and Gerrard controlled possession and provided us with a fluid base to attack from. Mostly it was the outstanding Gerrard furthest forward in support of Suarez, but Shelvey regularly got himself up there too and should have scored at least once in the second half.


There was a feeling of deja vu about this game, it was starting to look like the QPR game from the other week. 2-0 up and totally dominant, but missing chances to kill the game off completely. Shelvey was unfortunate to hit the bar with a header and then somehow missed from virtually on the goalline after a great ball by Enrique (in Jonjo's defence the ball appeared to strike a divot just before it reached him). Downing saw a good effort saved and Suarez wastefully chipped over the bar when he should have scored.


I was getting pissed off at this point. The likelihood of us seeing a repeat of what happened at Loftus Road was remote, that wasn't what was bothering me. It was the inability to turn our superiority into goals that was annoying me. The two goals would almost certainly be enough to secure the points, but really we should have been 5-0 up. Both our goals had come from Norwich mistakes, and we can't rely on that happening every week.


Even in victory, the failings in front of goal that we have seen all season were still there. For once it didn't prove costly as Suarez had his shooting boots on, demonstrated perfectly by the amazing strike that sealed his hat-trick. Without taking anything away from the brilliance of the goal, it has to be pointed out that once again it came from a Norwich mistake.


Johnson's clearance out of defence went straight to Ward who once more failed to deal with it and was robbed by Suarez. The beauty of this goal is the little look up he has as soon as he wins possession. Knowing that Ruddy was well off his line he didn't need to look again, he kept his head down and struck through the ball, sending it flying over Ruddy's head into the net.


The ideal way to complete a hat-trick, and it's lucky for Suarez that it found the net as Gerrard was in acres of space to his left screaming for the ball. When Luis hit the shot you can see Gerrard throw his head back in disgust, ready to launch into him for not passing. If I remember rightly, he did exactly the same when Xabi scored from inside his own half against Luton. Amusingly, he admitted on live TV afterwards 'it was just on the tip of my tongue to give him a bollocking but then he does that!'


Even more amusing was the fan who ran on to celebrate with Suarez. Usually I'm not impressed with that kind of thing, but this was hilarious due to his reaction to the Norwich fans who were giving him shit. Have a look at this video if you haven't already seen it, and listen to the helmet screaming his head off. He probably arrived at Carrow Road direct from being on the Jeremy Kyle Show, the little chav scrote.




With the game won Kenny wisely got Suarez and Gerrard out of there. No point taking any risks, and if it were my decision both of them would have their feet up in the stands on Tuesday night against Fulham. We want to win the game and it's important that we don't finish below the blues, but with the cup final a few days away I don't want to see any key players involved against Fulham.


Everyone who played against Norwich did their cup final selection chances no harm at all. Kenny certainly has plenty to think about this week. A slight injury to Carroll meant he wasn't involved, and that couldn't have come at a worse time for him. His absence meant we saw Gerrard playing much closer to Suarez than usual, and the results were impressive.


Given the way Chelsea set up in midfield it might be difficult to go with Carroll and Suarez, and Gerrard's performance in an advanced role may see Carroll miss out at Wembley. Ideally I'd want to see all three playing, but it's a problem fitting them all into a system that would not be over ran by Chelsea's three man midfield.


Skrtel was rested for this one and will hopefully not play on Tuesday either. He's a certain starter at Wembley, as is Agger. In the semi final Agger played left back at the expense of Enrique, who's form hasn't been good since the turn of the year. He played well at Carrow Road though. So too did Carragher, he had a fine game once he stopped continually trying to play the ball over the head of their left back in a futile attempt to get Downing into the game.


He played far too many long balls in the first half but corrected the issue after the break and defensively he was excellent throughout, typified by a fantastic block to deny Vaughan late on. Henderson had another tidy game in the centre of the park and he clearly looks happier there than out wide. It wouldn't be a surprise to see him back on the right hand side at Wembley though would it?


Overall, everyone played well and we were comfortable winners, even if Norwich did contribute greatly to their own downfall. They've been a nice little story this season, most expected them to go down but not only have they survived but they've done so comfortably. I was pleased for them as they've always been an inoffensive club and it was nice seeing them confound the odds.


Fuck all that now though. "Always the victim it's never your fault" they chanted for what seemed like most of the first half. When they weren't chanting that they were abusing Suarez. What the fuck is that all about? Why the hostility towards us? Smalltime, carrot munching fucks. This 'victim' shite goes beyond 'banter' and the sooner opposing fans realise it the better.


There are certain fans you expect that from, Norwich are not amongst them. At least, they weren't until this weekend. Maybe the rest of the league are too fucking stupid to know that it's a manc chant and it's a cowardly dig at Hillsborough. The mancs can claim it's not all they like, but we all know it is. As to whether Norwich fans knew, I'm guessing they didn't and hopefully the response of 'Justice for the 96' from the travelling Kop drove the message home.


The mancs chanting it is one thing, it's expected from them, but now it seems everyone is jumping on it and it's getting out of hand. They've done the same with that Suarez 'you know what you are' nonsense. Yeah he knows what he is, and so do we. He's fucking brilliant, that's what he is. Those Norwich yokels know it too after the way he single handedly tore them a new one.


I look forward to seeing him do the same to Chelsea this weekend. Come on redmen, let's fucking do these disrespectful, Hillsborough mocking, plastic flag waving, bus parking cunts.



Team: Reina; Johnson, Carragher, Agger, Enrique; Shelvey, Henderson; Downing, Gerrard (Coates), Bellamy; Suarez (Kuyt):

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I thought Shelvey played well, nice to see a midfielder getting into the box and looking dangerous who didn't have a No 8 on his back. Agree with you about the chanting . What is that about ? dumb pricks, hopefully the behind the scenes guys will remember that next time they come begging for loan players.

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I always remembered a Ronnie Rosenthal hat-trick as being the best from a red, the "perfect hat trick" right, left, head vs Charlton way back.


Regardless, great treble & great report, cheers!


Hopefully a foreign PL player will piss off the english at the euro's and the mong fans will have somebody else to chant against next season.

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Good work Dave.


I was fucking livid with the Norwich fans over the chants, but I shouldn't really have been surprised given the amount of fuckwittery I regularly hear in the pubs over here (from fans of all teams to be fair). Norwich have got loads of really sound and knowledgeable fans, but the Soccer AM / Talksport generation is alive and kicking here just like everywhere else.

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Why do I have to click five million links to get to read this drivel? Hmmm?


1. Click "Home"

2. Find "Match Report" then click where it says "To read the full report, click ... [Read More]"




5,000,000. Get redirected yet again where it repeats the "To read the full report, click here" and for the billionth time I click the fucking bastard link.

5,000,001. Read the report.


Sort it out lazyarse.

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Oh, and if that YouTube link is down, try this.




And if they take that down, here is another.


I'm roaring at his wanker gestures. Total top comedy.

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