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Bayern always seem to nice kits. I hope they beat Real, too, but don't think they will.


I think this Bayern team will draw at the Bernabeu. Pepe and Marcello will lose it completely and one or the other (preferably both) will see red.


N.B. Do not bet your last dime on this.

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Barcelona play a much more collective, possession-based game than Real Madrid, who rely far more on the individuals in their team and their devastating ability on the counter attack. The main reason Real are currently ahead in La Liga is that they have been a little bit better than Barca in flat-track bullying the other teams, and have been more clinical in front of goal, as attested to by the fact they have 3 forwards who are likely to top 20 league goals this season, and top 30 goals overall. That is phenomenal.


Barca are well capable of bullying teams too.The main reason Real are top of La Liga is their squad.Barca bring on young kids like Thiago or Cuenco while Madrid are bringing on seasoned veterans like Higuin .Alook at both teams benches over the season shows where Madrid have the advantage.Fortunatly Barca have a far better system

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