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Bayern always seem to nice kits. I hope they beat Real, too, but don't think they will.


I think this Bayern team will draw at the Bernabeu. Pepe and Marcello will lose it completely and one or the other (preferably both) will see red.


N.B. Do not bet your last dime on this.

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Barcelona play a much more collective, possession-based game than Real Madrid, who rely far more on the individuals in their team and their devastating ability on the counter attack. The main reason Real are currently ahead in La Liga is that they have been a little bit better than Barca in flat-track bullying the other teams, and have been more clinical in front of goal, as attested to by the fact they have 3 forwards who are likely to top 20 league goals this season, and top 30 goals overall. That is phenomenal.


Barca are well capable of bullying teams too.The main reason Real are top of La Liga is their squad.Barca bring on young kids like Thiago or Cuenco while Madrid are bringing on seasoned veterans like Higuin .Alook at both teams benches over the season shows where Madrid have the advantage.Fortunatly Barca have a far better system

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    • Linekar bloom later? He won the golden boot and Beardsley was a sensation, I’m not saying they would have won it I’m saying they were in with a good chance and they were. Reid also had a great tournament, as did Hodge
    • I wouldn't salvage VAR given the choice. But I accept they're not going to reverse their choice and stop using it. So a challenge system is the only reason I could see it work. I certainly wouldn't give as many as 2 per half, but I would say you don't lose your challenge if you're right. They all have iPads in the dugout, they get one look and can decide if to use their appeal. It won't solve it completely I don't think because for example if Brighton still had their challenge yesterday, they'd have still got their pen. One other alteration I would 100% make, is absolutely no decision gets made in slow motion. They can use multiple angles, but they absolutely should never get to slow it down in any circumstances, offside included. Onfield decision unless you can see clearly from a real time speed from a replay. When they have technology that is 100% accurate for offside, we'll bring it in. In the meantime, in the spirit of the law, figure it out in real-time.  They've fixed that a bit already haven't they by pushing the 4pm kick offs on a Sunday to 4.30 and then the newly introduced game in the evening doesn't start until 7.15. It's similar on Saturday, the 5.30 is followed by an 8pm. Sky and bt fucking love it because it fills hours upon hours of programming, way more than bad onfield decisions ever did. The biggest problem they've got is people turning off. Which I've started to do now. I can't be arsed with any game other than ours and I'm not that arsed about ours anymore. I can't be the only person who thinks football has been completely ruined by VAR, for me now it's like a load of other sport which I have a passing interest in, but absolutely zero passion about. 
    • Think I read that -- all 5'9" and around 150lbs
    • I wouldn't be averse to the idea of giving someone like Nat Philips the job of returning the compliment on Richarlison in the return fixture. 
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