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Alan Sex

CBC describes Hillsboro as "soccer riots"

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Last comment on that link:


Hi I am a Canadian fan, I called them up as soon as I saw the news article and corrected them took a while to talk to an actual person. They just appologized on the national news saying that “There were not riots in sheffield, rather it was caused by over-crowding”. I will get a video of it posted.

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Absolutely shocking. The programme editor isnt a manc is he?


Poor comment.


Seriously, the amount of ignorance out there about Hillsborough is horrific, and should be tackled every time it rears its ugly head.


I actually joined TLW a couple of years ago as I was trying to generate support for a fight against ignorant 'academics' in America who had published lies about Hillsborough, Heysel and the Bradford fire.


I'm glad CBC has corrected its error. I am really surprised that they made the error in the first place. They're a very reputable organisation.


Well done to all those who challenged their broadcast.

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CBC.ca Player


Their "clarification" is at the 16 minute mark, here.


Though they don't mention either Hillsborough or LFC in the clarification, but only Sheffield, which means those who don't know the facts, probably won't understand the correction.


"A clarification from last night's show, the deaths at a 1989 soccer game at Sheffield England were not caused by a riot, they were caused by over-crowding."


Disappointing, as the CBC is generally an excellent news organization.

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