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I am here. Boss festival. I totally suggest it.


Here is the lowdown. Tickets are already sold out and are probably expensive as if you don't have one already (Quick check says cheapest tickets are ~350 quid). If you manage to acquire one, fly into LA and rent a car. By far the cheapest way to go. For camping, most (if not all) of the on-site stuff is gone. There are still campsites available if that's your thing. See: Coachella | Off-Site Camping. I recommend a hotel or something similar, but they're expensive as that time of year.


My personal recommendation is to go the first weekend. 7 days may not seem like much temperature-wise, but it makes a massive difference.


Let me know if you have any questions, I'm more than happy to help.


Edit: The illustrious M. Furlong will be in attendance, and Sambo too if any of you know him.

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I'm waiting to hear off someone in one of the bands to see if we can get tickets off him.


Cheers Ghost, good info there, i'll pass it on to the missus.


Mick going is he? Boss.


Me and the missus are flying to San Fran to see my family there (and pulp) but if he comes through with tickets we'll drive down.

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