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    • I agree about the forwards as a unit. It feels like we've been waiting two years for them to "click" consistently. Amazing that we've crushed the league with them so often below what we think we know they're capable of.   Part of the explanation is that it's unfair to compare them with what might have been over-performance in the past, part is that we've adjusted and tightened up our overall game a bit and part is that opposition defences have been learning about what to do to neutralise them ( e.g. Firmino doesn't get so much space when he drops into the pocket and has to drop even deeper, nobody gives Mo time or space to place that left -footer into the top, far corner). 
    • This is really great. Genuinely, thanks for sharing.    I have a big soft spot for Newcastle as my late dad was a lifelong supporter. He was born in Stanley, County Durham but moved to Yorkshire to go to medical school in the mid 1960’s.   He used to tell tales of going to the match, as a boy in the 1950’s, often taking the same bus as one of their players who lived on the same row of terraced houses. The only difference between the Newcastle players house and my dads was that he had an inside toilet.   Apparently we watched the 1974 FA cup final together. I was about eighteen months old at the time and cried all the way through. At least he said I was crying, I reckon I was cheering as Newcastle were “undressed, absolutely stripped naked”.   Despite his best efforts, we used to go to St.James Park regularly and when they played in Yorkshire, my football allegiances were always elsewhere. He never showed his disappointment, although I’m sure he was.   I miss him greatly.  
    • This, however, is shite.   
    • To be honest, I think it would be fairly incredible for us to get over 95 points next season. That would be three seasons with huge points totals.   I think next season will be a really even affair. It will be margins like an injury to Virgil, Ali, Laporte or De Bruyne for a few months. They really felt Laporte's injury this season. We had Ali out for two spells - we got through the first one thank god, the second one cost us going for a treble but at least the league was pretty much a done deal. I think our starting lineup is better but they have a much better squad. It will be interesting how things might look between now and the start of next season though, because we could then be looking at Neco Williams and Curtis Jones etc as really decent options rather than very talented kids.    I would love a really good number 2 keeper if we are going to have a quiet tramsfer window. Likewise, a good centre half who can competently fill in if there are injuries and are good enough to keep their place. City will buy very big - I reckon Koulibaly is a cert for them.
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