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Crap characters in great films

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Darwin in X:Men - First Class. Portrayed very shittily.


Probably the only part of this film that pissed me off when they had a stereotypical black guy, who dies first and the bit where Sebastian says 'we all know what its like to be enslaved' and just as he says that, they zoom into Darwin's face. It was just embarrasing and had a weird whiff of ... maybe not racism.. but just old fashioned attitudes.



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Taranatino trying to act alongside Jackson in pulp fiction is truly embarrassing, the only turd in an otherwise fantastic film. The third of fourth time he says 'nigger' i was hoping Sam would get his .45 out and shut him the fuck up.

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Speed: The black guy in the convertible who gets his car 'commisioned' to chase the bus. He talks jive, says 'huuuu shit!' a lot and is cringeworthy in the stereotyping and general unfunniness in an otherwise excellent action movie.

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Speed: The black guy in the convertible who gets his car 'commisioned' to chase the bus. He talks jive, says 'huuuu shit!' a lot and is cringeworthy in the stereotyping and general unfunniness in an otherwise excellent action movie.


Agree with this, he also makes an appearance in the second film too, when he gets his boat nicked at the end. Although lets not pretend there was anything great about that film.

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The Treadstone operative known as 'Mannheim' in The Bourne Identity. He never utters a word, kills a key character (from the books at least) at the end, and every time he's shown, he looks like someone's just taken a massive shit in front of him. Either that or he's just being typically Parisian.



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    • Despite the halt to the Premier League season, transfer rumours never stop and the latest snippet of news regards another left-back being linked to the Reds.

      Football 365 (via Spanish publication Sport) reports that PSG star Layvin Kurzawa is on the radar of Liverpool as they search for specialised cover for Andy Robertson.

      The evergreen James Milner has deputised many times in the role during the tenure of Jürgen Klopp, but in doing so, it takes away some of the strengths he offers in the middle of the pitch.

      Youngsters Yasser Larouci and Adam Lewis have made appearances in domestic cup and pre-season games, but they are both viewed as options for the long term.

      Kurzawa was strongly linked to Arsenal during the January transfer but he stayed put at the French champions with manager Thomas Tuchel very keen to keep hold of him.  

      The 27 year-old has a deal of experience in a domestic sense having also played for Monaco, in European competition for PSG and also on the international stage where he has won 13 caps for France. 

      He also brings a winning pedigree to the table having been part of three title-winning squads with PSG as well as a number of domestic cups.

      With his contract ending in the summer, Liverpool will be able to sign Kurzawa on a free transfer.

      In terms of his strengths, Kurzawa looks to have a nice blend between attacking and a defensive sense.

      In possession, he tries to drive forward with the ball, a trait highlighted by his 1.47 progressive runs up the pitch per 90 minutes this season.

      He likes the ball at his feet with Kurzawa where he has averaged 2.8 dribbles per 90 minutes with a success rate of 56%, and has a pass success rate of 87% during 2019/20.

      Despite being comfortable in possession, Kurzawa is not a playmaking full-back in the way that Robbo and Trent are, although to be honest, not many are in the modern Football landscape.

      An area where Kurzawa could struggle in a Jürgen Klopp side is his defensive positioning and concentration.

      This is along with a lack of confidence in his own ability which many close observers believe is a key reason that he has been in and out of the PSG side this season. 

      That last part makes him sound like a Alberto Moreno clone, but in truth we are not looking for a world beater in this position, just a player that can give Andy Robbo a breather every now and then.

      With that all said, being able to sign Kurzawa could be a pretty savvy move.
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    • That article just sounds like 'shit we need to write sonething'. Teams will know this isn't a proper training camp and just a necessity to get the season complete, the TV companies off their back and get the players paid again.    Brighton 'intense schedule' fuck off its 9 games over 4 to 6 weeks. You could wrap it up in 3/4 weeks if you had to and it would be no more intense than our schedule over Dec-Jan the last few years. We played 12 games in 37 days this year, yet Brighton are moaning at playing 9 in between 28 and 42 days     Think Brighton might be more on the let's void the season being 2pts outside the relegation zone
    • Coronavirus: Premier League plan to restart season branded unworkable as clubs eye solution   Plans to put players under lockdown for a month to get the season finished have been branded unworkable – because clubs are too picky. The hotel quarantine plan is one idea mooted for Friday's next round of talks between the Premier League, EFL, Football Association and the Professional Footballers’ Association.     In a bid to conclude the season, one proposal is to squeeze remaining games into a condensed time frame in June, behind-closed-doors, with players kept in isolation to protect them from the risk of contracting coronavirus. Stadiums, hotels and training facilities would undergo a “deep clean”, with the players under strict quarantine, to enable the season to be completed by mid-July.   But Christian Machowski, whose company ESEM specialises in travel management for top clubs across Europe, believes the plan is unrealistic, because of the particular demands of the elite teams when it comes to hotels and training facilities.   “There are so many factors that come into play," said Machowski. “When clubs are looking to book hotels, one of the chief issues is what is an acceptable time to drive to a stadium? "Teams don't want to be stuck on a bus for 45 minutes to an hour, travelling to a game. “Everybody wants the best for their team, but there's only a small number of elite hotels that are suitable. “For example, there are two or three hotels in London where all the teams tend to stay when they play there. “To find a venue where 20 teams can find facilities up to the required standard is just not workable."   “In terms of training facilities, teams would also want to be as a close as possible, so that would present problems. “Then you would have to quarantine the same hotel staff for three or four weeks. “And if one team picked up an infection, whether it's a player or member of staff, that's the end of the tournament.   “It's not about teams staying in luxury, it's complicated because the infrastructure is so finely tuned for clubs in terms of what they need.”   Brighton have voiced their opposition to the proposal for a single-city Premier League finale. Officials at the club have major reservations due to concerns over hotel accommodation, the number of pitches required and the intense fixture schedule.   Chief executive Paul Barber also has concerns about even discussing a return to football while the coronavirus casualty rate around the country soars. “As creative as we want to be, people are losing their lives,” said Barber. “This is a serious, serious situation. We're totally driven towards completing the season but, at the moment, it is tough to talk about it.”   Machowski, whose company has handled almost 500 European games and training camps for top clubs over the past 24 years, reckons the number of teams involved also makes the plan impossible to pull off.   “You could maybe get away with it in the Champions League, for example, with a mini-tournament, because you're dealing with fewer teams,” said Machowski.   “But here you're talking about 20 teams and there's so much at stake. It's not like a pre-season tournament where there's a trophy at the end. “This is about titles, about relegation, qualification for the Champions League and Europa League, so no-one should be able to complain that they missed out because maybe the hotel, training facilities, travel or food wasn't right. “So it's not really workable, for so many different reasons.”   https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/coronavirus-premier-league-plan-restart-21789901
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