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    • We always seem to have a long drawn out courtship of certain players. Usually it ends with them signing for a rival instead. Pulisic and Werner, chelsea watching klopps interests.   I like fabinho type deals. 
    • Seems like we wanted him but not for the price quoted (release fee, plus wages).
        Slightly disappointed as I think he’d have been an asset but I guess it depends on the gap between what we were prepared to pay and what we had to pay to get him.   If the gap is small then I can understand criticism of the ownership, especially if both player and our manager were keen.   Just pay the extra and trust the manager to increase the value of the investment as he’s done money times before.   I suppose if we’re miles apart then, particularly given the current uncertainty, I can understand the owners just not being prepared to do it. To be fair, it’s not their style to ‘just pay it’ anyway.   Maybe it’s Klopp himself who’s said he likes him but not at the money quoted. Strikes me, he’s the kind of manager/man who would spend the clubs money as though it was his own.   
    • Wednesday, 17 June: Aston Villa v Sheffield United (18:00), Sky Sports. Manchester City v Arsenal (20:15), Sky Sports. Friday, 19 June: Norwich v Southampton (18:00), Sky Sports and Pick. Tottenham v Manchester United (20:15), Sky Sports. Saturday, 20 June: Watford v Leicester City (12:30), BT Sport. Brighton v Arsenal (15:00), BT Sport. West Ham v Wolves (17:30), Sky Sports. Bournemouth v Crystal Palace (19:45), BBC. Sunday, 21 June: Newcastle v Sheffield United (14:00), Sky Sports and Pick. Aston Villa v Chelsea (16:15), Sky Sports. Everton v Liverpool (19:00), Sky Sports and Pick. Monday, 22 June: Manchester City v Burnley (20:00), Sky Sports. Tuesday, 23 June: Leicester v Brighton (18:00), Sky Sports. Tottenham v West Ham (20:15), Sky Sports. Wednesday, 24 June: Manchester United v Sheffield United (18:00), Sky Sports and Pick. Newcastle v Aston Villa (18:00), BT Sport. Norwich v Everton (18:00), BBC. Wolves v Bournemouth (18:00), BT Sport. Liverpool v Crystal Palace (20:15), Sky Sports. Thursday, 25 June: Burnley v Watford (18:00), Sky Sports and Pick. Southampton v Arsenal (18:00), Sky Sports. Chelsea v Manchester (20:15), BT Sport. Saturday, 27 June: Aston Villa v Wolves (12:30), BT Sport. Sunday, 28 June: Watford v Southampton (16:30), Sky Sports and Pick. Monday, 29 June: Crystal Palace v Burnley (20:00), Amazon Prime. Tuesday, 30 June: Brighton v Manchester United (20:15), Sky Sports and Pick. Wednesday, 1 July: Bournemouth v Newcastle (18:00), Sky Sports and Pick. Arsenal v Norwich (18:00), BT Sport. Everton v Leicester (18:00), Sky Sports. West Ham v Chelsea (20:15), Sky Sports. Thursday, 2 July: Sheffield United v Tottenham (18:00), Sky Sports. Manchester City v Liverpool (20:15), Sky Sports.
    • ... as they did LAST summer, too.   Which worked out just as intended.
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