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I think its Matt Hughes who needs to learn some fucking respect. Who the fuck does he think he is badmouthing Dalglish? He needs to fuck off and get a career before he criticizes a legend in the game. Fucking no mark hack cunt.

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I had no idea who Matty Twatty was before this thread. I still don't know much more about him. Other than he's a chimp-faced cunt.

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    • Must have got some stick, it's been deleted now! But they're the senior club, dont you know?
    • Haha,woodison struggling to make the necessary requirements to stage games when the league resumes!   A number of Premier League clubs face a race against time to ensure their stadiums comply with new biosecure regulations being considered by top-flight officials. Ahead of football's planned return on June 17, clubs will be presented with a framework for their grounds in an attempt to minimise the spread of Covid-19 among those inside. Insiders say the proposals — yet to be presented — may cause substantial logistical issues for those with older or more compact homes.  Grounds such as Goodison Park, Turf Moor, Vicarage Road and Selhurst Park could struggle to comply with the regulations and may need extensive work to ensure they meet the criteria. The need for social distancing and ensuring areas are sterile will be at the forefront of the guidelines. And at certain grounds, teams may be asked to enter the field of play separately to minimise risk.  And while there is a confidence that those affected will be able to make the necessary amendments, the issue presents another barrier to overcome before matches can be held at their original venues. The Premier League declined to comment. But it is understood that following on from the early apparent success of new measures surrounding training grounds, similar protocols will be introduced in stadiums.  On Saturday, the top flight reported their latest test figures with zero positives. And they are understandably keen to try to minimise risk at stadiums. 'It's a set of measures that will form a biosecurity criteria,' a source explained. 'It is still being worked on but a lot of it will be similar to what has happened at the training grounds. 'That said, some of those with older and tighter stadiums may have their work cut out. 'The last thing the Premier League want is for football to return and for the grounds not to be as secure as the training grounds — and that is what this is all about. 'It may end up costing clubs quite a bit of money to ensure they comply, but it will happen.' A key area surrounds the layout of dressing rooms, and clubs with older stadiums will face a complex challenge. Players are being told to shower when returning home from training. A solution to how this will work after games will have to be found.   https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-8374677/Race-against-time-Premier-League-clubs-grounds-ready-return-action.html  
    • Wouldn't be sure on that.  I don't want it to happen because I don't want the joy it will bring to the knuckle dragging clowns that travel with the team. The irony of them cheering on a team of black players while chanting the normal vile shite they do will be ironic at best. But this young team they have now is very good. Always need a bit of luck but the attacking talent is there and with the right approach could easily win something. I think the Euros going back a year will help them as both Rashford and Kane would have been not 100% this summer
    • Waddle always been a fucking hypocritical twat. Harps on about Brexit often enough. Pretty rich from a man that was happy to use his rights to travel and work to earn more playing for the match fixers in Marseille but like many of them fuckers he's made his money out of it
    • Frank Lampard got slagged for being far slimmer than the average British male. This guy would be the beer bellied one in the group of six lads in Corfu who quietly nips out of the club and hits the kebab shops to score some grub when the rest of the lads are chatting up the hairdressers from Brummie. Fuck chatting up birds when you can smash some kebabs and garlic chips eh Lukey lad.
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