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I think its Matt Hughes who needs to learn some fucking respect. Who the fuck does he think he is badmouthing Dalglish? He needs to fuck off and get a career before he criticizes a legend in the game. Fucking no mark hack cunt.

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I had no idea who Matty Twatty was before this thread. I still don't know much more about him. Other than he's a chimp-faced cunt.

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    • I'm 40 and British, I have met maybe 5 or 6 Everton fans in my entire life, and only 1 outside of Liverpool. I've met more Celtic, Rangers, Newcastle, Villa and Nottingham Forest fans. 
    • The celtic/rangers chant was always 50/50 in my opinion.   I was always celtic and around 88-90 used to wear a celtic shirt to the game....and in winter one of those half l'pool/celtic ski hats.   I used to see as many l'pool/rangers ones and it was never a problem.
    • It'll be   --‐---------Allison------------ Trent-Williams--Gomez-Robbo -‐-‐-Hendo--Gini--Milner----- ---Salah----Bobby----Mane---     Makes sense to protect a somewhat reshuffled back 4 with the defensive nous and workrate of that midfield. Unfortunately it blunts our attack too. Hopefully Shaq can provide us with a spark if needed.  
    • Thiago is a superb footballer, but i'd be surprised if he plays 20 league games for us this season.
    • This has to be among the most ridiculous nonsense I've ever heard. To be honest, one of the great things of the derby from yesteryear was that the fans got on well with each other and that was in an era when religion was still important to a lot of people. Fights broke out sometimes because the fans (often brothers and best mates) were together in the ground. It would quickly be broken up. It was never about religion.   At both grounds there was the Celtic/Rangers chants. If we were Protestant or they were Catholic, that would hardly have happened. The original owners of both clubs were Protestant, but the majority of the city or at least the people that played the most part in giving it it's major unique identity were working class Liverpool Irish Catholics. The very people that poured into the grounds of both clubs in yesteryear.   Moran, Fagan, Lawlor, Smith, Callaghan, Carragher, McManaman.....I could go on forever and a day about all the scouse catholics that played with us. None of us gave a shit about their religion. Nowadays, two of our best players are Muslim.    Football men before away games became more accessible used to go to each ground every fortnight. Not exactly a Celtic/Rangers style thing.    I'm Catholic and the majority of the lads I went to the games with were as well. In our group, were two lads whose family were in the lodge as well as fellas fron different Protestant churches. I don't think religion came up once, though they did join in with the Rangers chant to be fair.    Nothing against Celtic or Rangers. Good luck to people that support them, but to me, one of the great things about us and the Blueshite is that it's a proper football rivalry or at least used to be. Go to a church if you're religious, but don't bring it to a football ground.     
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