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Abs will be on about how we could only beat them when down to 10 men, or with an og. But the simple facts are that regardless of our goals, there was absolutely no way in hell that Arsenal were ever going to score against is. The only decent chance they had was following the most obvious foul possible on Kelly. The ref, I can only imagine, was feeling sorry for them or something given that he didn’t blow the whistle.


But we weren’t playing particularly well with a bunch of players still very clearly trying to get used to one another, yet we were in absolutely no danger whatsoever of conceding a goal. It was just far too easy. And then when we made the change it was only a matter of time before we scored. Suarez and Downing should have scored before the og, and then after that a 2nd goal was inevitable. It was all too easy. If anything when Arsenal went down to 10 men and tried to play for the draw, that’s when it go a little bit more difficult.


The biggest worry for Arsenal was that in a home game we as the away team had more possession and were the only ones trying to attack. I can only imagine that this result, and the probable hammering they’ll get next weekend against the Mancs, will be enough for Wenger to realise that he simply has to go out and by in proven talent. Seven years without a trophy and a real title challenge and they now look their weakest since the mid 1990s. Very worrying times for Arsenal mainly because Saturday was just far too easy. We barely broke a sweat.

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It's the sort of victories that Chelsea and the Mancs have had over there for a couple of years now, with neither side impressing but Arsenal being so frail defensively that they're just bound to concede a goal or two when faced with players with the quality of Suarez.


Of course, when the mancs and Chelsea do it, the media wank themselves senseless over how ruthlessly effective they are, but when we do it we should be concerned over our performance. Right. May we always be so average at their place and get the 3 points.

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The Arse team that took the field, with the exception of the left back and holding midfielder, was a perfectly respectable Arse team that could have been picked by Whinger last season.


We bossed the game and, whilst I would have been a tad embarrassed not to win given the injuries and sending off, it was totally deserved.


Didn't even mind getting wet after game; unlike half their crowd during the match

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...And we got a request going out to a young lad who called the station and said he's feeling a bit down right now, and could we play him a litlle something to make him feel better...Hope this one helps , this one's for you ABS.


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