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I searched but couldn't find the original thread.


Simple really went on RAWK and someone has just put up a design they did for the 2012-13 kit by Warrior. Cue a bunch of in the knows telling him the deal was a non-starter and we are sticking with Adidas and another bunch saying the Warrior deal will be announced at Christmas as they don't want to be left with a warehouse full of Adidas kit. One forumite even suggested our blue and white away kit was a dig at LFC for dumping them!!


Has anybody heard anything?

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I wouldn't mind someone different. Also since we'll be their first football customers they may actually listen to the fans and the shirt will be individual to us rather than the generic pap Adidas knocks out in their Thai sweat shops!

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If I remember rightly, there was a fans forum with Ayre a while ago and he basically said the deal wasn't done. In not so many words he confirmed that there had been an offer from Warrior, also Nike and Adidas. No decision has been made.

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We need to go to Adidas and insist on the Trefoil on the kit, not this Adidas Equipment logo shit.

It's no coincidence that haven't won a title since that Trefoil went, it's all part of the bigger picture.

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Does anyone have that Hodgson 'Wawwiors' picture saved? One of the funniest things I've seen on here.


And depsite being of no relevance, I;d love to see the "oh didier, you're a discwace" gif again.

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Hell yeah!, nothing is cooler then having kit made by some odd-job company this will be great. Hell, get them to buy the naming rights for the new stadium too... Warriors Arena, Warriors Field, Warriors Stadium, whatever.

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Still hoping Nike buy Warror or something, I reckon we'll end up with something jarg like Montenegro or Belgium's kit this year
they wont invest that much money , then bang out a kit without doing their homework. The kit will be top notch.

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