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Went back to the Forest save I posted about on the previous page. A cock up by my laptop meant I lost a month so I had to go back to the beginning of November just after my League Cup defeat. I went through a bit of a bad spell losing 2 and drawing one and playing shit all round. I dropped Greening and Reid and let a few of the younger lads back in the squad and after a team meeting which inspired most of them I have picked up 3 wins against Watford, Coventry and Palace.


Miller has found form now and Derbyshire is joint top top scorer in the league. Also with the pace of Findley and McGoldrick's current form (averaging just under 8 a game so far) I have by far the best strike force outside the Premier League.


Also tempted to re-train Reid to central midfield because he can create but he has no pace. Both him and Cohen are high up the assist charts as well which is good.


Just entered December and I am third but 3rd to 5th are on 38 points with Ipswich 6th on 32 so it is very tight as we come to the half way stage.


I have fuck all cash and appear to be losing money every month and the expensive keeper who is taking up a load of wages I signed from Brazil is now homesick so I may see if I can sell him in January, he's been out of form and I still have Camp & Smith. Hopefully it should ease up my money worries but with Forest's £60 million pound debt I am going to have to use January to bring in free transfers for the summer.

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Is this worth getting or hanging on until the patch comes out fixing the fuck up on the Liverpool team.


Too busy bloody retweeting all the transfer wannabes on Twitter rather then concentrating on FM stuff.


Can't get the staff these days.

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Is this worth getting or hanging on until the patch comes out fixing the fuck up on the Liverpool team.


Too busy bloody retweeting all the transfer wannabes on Twitter rather then concentrating on FM stuff.


Can't get the staff these days.


I never thought I would get into it but I reckon it's an improvement. Probably best waiting for the patches to be honest.

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Someone *cough* Medazza *cough* fucked up being Liverpool!


Update on Forest:


As I said before my laptop fucked up so in the re-done FA Cup draw I got QPR at home. My league form in December was dreadful as I lost 3 and drawn 2 before playing QPR. In the Ipswich match before I played really well so confidence was high and QPR were doing shit under Colin Wanker so their morale was down. I bossed the match and turned them over 2 nil to draw Chelsea at home. I've also just turned over Portsmouth at home 3-2.


As for transfers Blackpool came in with a £1 million bid for Anderson which the board accepted. I managed to get Liverpool as a parent club and they have sent me Sterling on loan while Anderson agrees personal terms. I've also signed Muniesa from Barca on a free transfer for the summer.


Away from Forest I've noticed Liverpool have bought Kader Mangane for £10 million and Man Utd just blew £20 million on Samba!


Liverpool are joint top at the top of the Prem with 45 points alongside Man Utd so that is close.


I am still 4th in the Championship with expectations to finish midtable.


Going well so far.

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Got back in to this, and got a great game going with Sampdoria. Their squad is far too good for Serie B, but they're in £60m debt, have an inflated wage bill, and lose nearly £1m a month. Was given fuck all money, so basically had to sell most of my big earners for slightly reduced fees, just to get them off the wage bill, and then bring in youngsters on loan for the season to replace them and hopefully get me promoted. It worked, and whilst I spent nearly £3m in loan fees alone (didn't sign anyone permanently apart from ex-Everton legend Matteo Ferrari on a free, and some Swiss defender who I co-owned for £100k that I thought I could make a profit on), I brought in £13m in transfer fees, and took about £200k p/w off the wage bill.


Won Serie B at a canter, and the most impressive part was going 14 games without conceding a goal. My star player was Domonique Malonga, a French striker who I got on loan from Cesena with a view to buy at £2m, who scored 30 goals for me last season. Managed to keep hold of Angelo Palombo, too, and whilst he's on £44k p/w, him and Andrea Poli - who returned on loan from Inter - are a formidable midfield partnership. Sergio Romero was my keeper, and he's absolutely class.


Was given £7m for a mid-table finish in Serie A, and half of that was spent on my boy Gaston Ramirez, who I got for a bargain £3.5m under the hands of Juve. Apart from him and Malonga, I signed Marc Muniesa for £1m from Barca, and Gianni Zuiverloon for £1m from Mallorca. Then I had to make do with bosmans and loans: got Jorge Martinez, McDonald Mariga, Clarence Seedorf and Simone Benedetti all on frees; and Javier Saviola, Alexis, Hamit Altintop, John Flanagan, Coke and Matheau Bodmer all on loan.


Two games in, and I drew 1-1 at Lazio, and beat Inter 2-1 at home. My centre-back, Massimo Volta, has scored all three goals!

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After taking Litex Lovech to within a whisker of the Bulgarian title, I got linked for the Bayern Munich (how the fuck I do not know) and I said I would be interested, who wouldn't to be fair?


My chairman, that's who, flipped asked for the old apology I resign decision. So I resigned thinking I might have a chance of the Bayern job, but as soon as I have packed my things from my office, Michael Laudrup is being announced as their new boss.




Was unemployed for 2 days as took a job with Slovacko (I think that's their name) in the Croatian 2nd Division. Just a challenge more than anything.


The I get linked with the Sunderland job, decided to make no comment on the issue thought best not wait until I'm approached or something. Well my chairman flipped because of my actions, or lack of and the fans called for my head. So I was forced to quit after just 2 weeks.


Fortunately Sunderland did want me and I'm managing in the Prem. it's the middle of pre season and I have an old squad, do trying to get rid of the likes of O'Shea, Brown, Gordon and the big earners like Cattermole and Gardner.


Got rid of all my backroom staff as they were all very poor in ability.


First signing was a guy who I had at Litex, goes by the name of Tom, Bulgarian AM really good player who I am hoping can make the transition to the English game, my scout Bryan Robson (not the keeps breaking down one) rates him highly (20/20 in scouting stats)


Brought in Sterling on loan as my scouts raved about him, and I needed a Winger. Tried getting Coates on loan but Milan ended up buying him for £10 .


Tried to get Eden Hazard in, thought it would be a piece of piss as Lille had been relegated the season before and had just finished mid table in Lige 2. Oh no, they want £27 million and he's interested, announced I was looking to buy him and he responded as if he was interested in a move so it may come off yet.


Might try and get Shelvey on loan as I want to fuck Cattermole and Noble off.


Any recommendations for a good cheap striker?

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Installed the game, looks basic so will download some graphic packs laters.


Started unemployed and took a job at Cohlbert, German second division team.


I have zero transfer budget so hoping i haven't bitten off more then i can chew for my first go on FM2012.


Looks like I'm going to have to do a bit of wheeling and dealing regards loans though.

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decided at start of november I'd taken Salford as far as I could realistically and had the best players the club could attract and would be pissing around just outside the Evostik Premier Play offs forever so resigned and was immediately offered the Grimsby and Darlington jobs


decided to go to Grimsby despite them being lower down in the league (in the relegation zone) first game ironically against Darlo which I won 3-0, had a decent start and got to high midtable then had a slump and fell back into the relegation battle but had a great run towards the end beating all the top teams at the point I was beginning to think I may get relegated and ended up 13th, the squad inherited was utter shite and I only intend to keep about 5 of them plus sign a couple of loanees permanently and have a shot at promotion next season

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It wasn't Cohlbert (fuck knows where that came from) it was Cottbus i joined.


They have a zero transfer fund and struggling to sell anyone.


Board a wankers and won't give me any money so coming to the end of January I'm lying in 11th although got to the semi's of the cup but don't fancy my chances against Werder Bremen.


If i don't get offered a job before the end of the season i can see me resigning and hoping i get a chance at a league club.

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Currently 12 games in with Sunderland. Board expectation was to avoid relegation.


And it's not going so great.


Couldn't buy a win since the opening day of the season. Scoring is not a problem, it conceding. Or it was.


Wa either losing or drawing but suffered my worst ever defeat on FM and even going back as far as CM 93/94. A 9-2 defeat to City. Despite the score line it was a close affair, just that City were able to score with every chance.


After going 8 game without a win (throw in a defeat on penalties to AFC Wimbledon in the Carling Cup) I went to Wigan and won 4-0 then up next we're Spurs and I managed to hold them to a draw.


Then came AVB and his Chelsea side. They were sitting 3rd after thumping United. 5-0 at OT.


However my side (after a reassessment of my tactics) had different ideas. A lot more different than I had initially planned. 90 minutes later and a 4-0 win and everybody was happy again.


So 7 points later and I am out of the bottom three, scored meaty 30 goals and Gyan is a monster for me. Sterling and Paizon my two loaners are doing ok.


Naismith, Tom and Jamie O'Hara are my star midfielders.


Titus Bramble returning to the side has also coincided with our good run of form too. Who'd have thought it.

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now into October of my second season with Grimsby, third season in game, bouncing around between 6th and 2nd, winning all the tough matches but not finishing off weaker teams (sound familiar?!)

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Just finished 7th in my first season and won the FA Cup. Have just been sacked. Grrr.


Anybody know when this patch is out? Alternatively, anyone know a free save game editor?

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Ended up having a decent season in the end with Sunderland. Finished 8th after a terrible start.


Gyan was my top performer with average rating of 7.66 and 29 goals. Naismith got himself 23.


Scored 89 goals but conceded 79 which is pretty shocking. Biggest win of the season was a 9-1 drubbing of Ipswich Town.


AVB lost his job after I beat Chelsea early in the season and Di Matteo stepped up and Chelsea finished 6th, United won Te league closely followed by Liverpool.


United collected all the trophies.


Di Matteo got sacked and Chelsea approached me for the job. So I took it.


Had an assessment of my squad and it needed to be cut down with people like Drogba, Lampard, Essien, Terry and Cole all getting too old.


Shifted Drogba, Lampard and Cole out go decent money considering their age. Terry is languishing in the reserves and not happy, but I couldn't give a fuck.


Brought in Tevez on a free on a two year deal, Alex Sandro for £7 million and Javi Martinez who cost me £51 million. Bringing in a load of youth prospects for the future as the youth at Chelsea is not very good.


Hazard, Lavezzi and Doumbie were my the star players in the squad when I arrived with Torres stuck in the reserves.


Started off with a win against Blackburn and a 8-2 aggregate win in the Euro Cup over Dinamo Moscow.


Already getting picked our for the Real Madrid job, but really want to wait until Kenny leaves Liverpool if I am to move on.


I reckon I can win the title this season, ideally squad strength could be a bit better, but will address that in January. As long as only one or two top players are out At any time I should be fine.


Feels dirty being at Chelsea but I just couldn't compete with the likes of Real, Chelsea, Barca etc for the players I wanted.


At Sunderland I tried to get Tevez and Adebayor on loan for the run in but couldn't afford the wages. Both on £180k and as you can see ended up getting Tevez on a free for £120k a week and Adebayor went to PSG on £34k a week.


Also brought in Isla as a RB but currently playing him as a DM as I also let Mikel go as I hate him.


My Scouts aren't as good as the guys I brought in to Sunderland, so a sort out of the back room staff will be ongoing throughout the season.


I've really got into this version, which I didn't think I would.

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I'm still playing my original save on this. Just nearing the end of 2017 with:


Reina, Kelly, Coates, Agger, Robinson, Lucas, Henderson, Sterling, Moura, Ramirez, Suarez as my starting 11. Still have Suso, Shelvey, Coady, Wisdom, Flanagan around as well... and Ozil on the bench.

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Fairly long winded update as I am several seasons on from my last update.


After the last update I had gone to Boca Juniors who had sacked the manager for finishing 3rd in the opening stage of the 2018/19 season. The team had an excellent squad and bar selling the likes of Aruajo to balance the books and bringing in a few of my Fuli players I did very little squad wise and coasted to the 2018/19 closing stage title.


In the 2019/20 season I very much concentrated on the continental competitions which meant we only finished 3rd in the opening and closing stages of the league although we did win the Copa Argentina domestically.


On the continent we managed to get the Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudarmeicana and the Recopa Sudemaricana.


With nothing left to win I managed the first 5 games of the 2020/21 season before jumping ship to a poorly performing Toronto FC.


I took over Toronto with them 8th in the Conference and with four games to play. We had a 100% record in those games, losing all 4.


Did one of my usual major squad overhauls and managed to get a very good squad together for the 2021 season helped by favourable draft picks due to our poor league finish. 2021 started on a flyer with four big scoring wins before a run of 3 defeats made it look like we had got back to the poor form of the previous season. We turned it around however and started to become very competitive in the league as everyone settled.


As a bonus we won the Nutrilite Canadian Championship which gave us entry into the 2022 North American Champions League. We ended the MLS League season top of the conference and won through the play offs to become Eastern Conference champions. However we lost out in the MLS Cup so didn't get to win the MLS Overall.


For 2022 I managed the side up to winning the CONCACAF Champions League with a victory over America of Mexico before starting to look for other jobs.


Finally the offer came in from Kaiser Chiefs the previous manager having resigned after finishing second in the league! The Toronto fans weren't happy about my leaving for South Africa but fortunately no signs of the predicted riots on my departure.


Current stats now stand at:

PL 444, W 328, D 55, L 61, F 1247, A 366.


League history is:

11/12 PSAP Sigli. Indonesian Premier League. 10th

12/13 Sun Hei Sports Club. Hong Kong First Division. 1st

13/14 Sun Hei Sports Club. Hong Kong First Division. 1st

14/15 Sun Hei Sports Club. Hong Kong First Division. 1st (position when I left after 10 games)

2015 Shandong. Chinese Super League. 5th

2016 Guangzhou Fuli. Chinese Super League. 1st

2017 Guangzhou Fuli. Chinese Super League. 1st

2018 Guangzhou Fuli. Chinese Super League. 1st

2019 Coriba. Brazilian Parana State Division. 2nd (position when leaving after 12 games).

2019 Boca Juniors. Argentinian Premier Division Closing Stage. 1st

2019 Boca Juniors. Argentinian Premier Division Opening Stage. 3rd

2020 Boca Juniors. Argentinian Premier Division Closing Stage. 3rd

2020 Toronto FC. MLS Eastern Conference. 8th.

2021 Toronto FC. MLS Eastern Conference. 1st


Trophies won so far:


Sun Hei Sports Club


Hong Kong First Dvision (2): 2012/13, 2013/14


Hong Kong FA Cup (2): 2012/13, 2013/14


Hong Kong League Cup:

Runners Up (2): 2012/13, 2013/14


Hong Kong Senior Shield (1): 2013/14


Guangzhou Fuli


Chinese Super League (3): 2016, 2017, 2018


Chinese FA Cup (2): 2017, 2018


Chinese Super Cup (2): 2017, 2018


Chinese All Star Game (3): 2016, 2017, 2018


Asian Champions League (2): 2017, 2018


Club World Championship (1): 2017

Runners Up (1): 2018


Boca Juniors


Argentinian Premier League Closing Stage (1): 2019


Copa Argentina (1): 2020


Copa Sudamericana (1): 2020


Copa Libertadores (1): 2020


Recopa Sudamericana (1): 2020


Toronto FC


Nutrilite Canadian Championship (1): 2021


MLS Eastern Conference (1): 2021


MLS Cup Runners Up (1): 2021


CONCACAF Champions League (1): 2022


I'll put the start of my Kaiser Chiefs job on a separate post.

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Kaizer Chiefs 2022/23 Season


I've inherited a decent enough squad for the most part, as you can see from my only signing 5 players rather than my usual full scale total turnover of players when I take over in a lot of jobs. Pushed a lot of players out on frees or just let contracts expire as outside the first 17 or 18 players the fringes didn't really have a lot to offer.


We've ended up with a relatively small squad but with quality. Should be more than capable of doing what we need to do domestically to get us back into the African Champions League.


The club has been pretty successful over the last few years in domestically.


We won't be competing at continental level as we need to be champions to qualify for the Champions League and one of the cup winners got given the Confederations Cup place.


With just the domestic side I reckon the small squad should do it and we should just need to add some backup to play league games next season if we qualify for the Champions League of Confederations.


Current squad:

Warning! The following content is NOT WORK SAFE. Click the Show button to reveal.



1. Phumlani Christians. South African. 24 y/o. 1 cap. Club Vice Captain.

Signed by my predecesor a couple of seasons ago from Black Leopards, already played over 150 first team games between them and us so quite experienced for his age.


13. Virgil Vries. Namibian. 33 y/o. 21 caps.

Experienced older keeper who has been in South Africa since 2013. Would have moved him on if I could but no one wanted him. Fine as backup though.


36. Oscar Sephadi. South African. 19 y/o.

Youth product from the clubs academy. Been in the squad since he was around 16. No apperances for the club yet.


Right Backs


Christopher Chetty. South African. 22 y/o. 10 U'21 Caps.

Decent solid if unspectacular right back, more than good enough at this level but never going to go any further. Natural at left back also even though he is totally right footed.


Chad Thwala. South African. 17 y/o.

Came through the clubs academy and made his debut last season under the previous manager. Looks very good now and has potential to improve massively. Ultimately will end up better than Chetty and probably end up in Europe somewhere.


Centre Halfs


16. Tshepo Mooki. South African. 24 y/o. 9 Caps. Club Captain.

Signed two seasons ago from Bidvest Wits where he had made his debut as a 15 year old and managed 103 top flight games prior to signing for us. Excellent reader of the game, not the fastest but good in the air and does his bit attacking corners etc. Like a poor mans South African Sami. I had to fight off a few European clubs to keep hold of him in the transfer window.


5. John Isaacs. South African. 24 y/o. 9 U'21 Caps.

Signed at the start of last season for £1.5m. Left footed, decent on the ball, good all round physically and good all rounder technically.


4. Isaac Mokoana. South African. 22 y/o.

Another from last seasons signings by the previous boss. Previously played in the top flight for Jomo Cosmos, Orlando Pirates and Supersport. Good all rounder for the most part, maybe lacking a little technically but more than capable as 3rd choice.


17. Lorenzo Gordinho. South African. 27 y/o.

Old fashioned centre half. Big, strong, hard tackler and good in the air. Has nothing else to offer though. Hence lack of caps and only being 4th choice.


Left Backs


27. Thabiso Mkhwanazi. South African. 19 y/o. U'20 International.

Came out of the clubs youth system and after a loan spell two seasons ago started to establish himself in the team under the previous manager making 9 league appearances last year. 1st choice at the moment as he is settled but I expect Ike to take over once he is more settled.


3. Ike Festus. Nigerian. 25 y/o.

One of the few signing I had to make. Very quick and loads of stamina, decent crosser and surprisingly good in the air for his height. Should prove excellent at our level once he settles in.


Right Wingers


19. Gavin Burton. South African. 24 y/o.

Above average at best. Very quick, agile and balanced with good dribbling and work rate. Unfortunately doesn't have anything else to offer. 1st choice until Josemar settles properly and long term I expect to be moving him on if/when I can find someone better.


7. Josemar Tiago Matsinhe. Mozambique. 20 y/o. 17 caps, 2 goals.

Player I signed from Black Leopards for £2.4m. Just fantastic on the face of it, quick and fantastic technically. Mental side might end up letting him down long term but can see him ending up in Europe in the future. Once he settles will take over from Gavin Burton as first choice.


Defensive Midfielders


12. Dumsani Zwane. South African. 31 y/o.

Been at the club since 2016. One of those players who won't let us down but isn't anything to really get all that excited about. Will get the odd goal and assist but mainly there to provide the experience and the the platform to let the others go at it.


6. Richard Christopher. Nigerian 19 y/o.

Another of my signings. Brought in for £2.2m from Kaduna United. More or less has everything you could ask for and will oust Zwane soon enough once he has settled in. Like a lightweight Patrick Vieira at the moment but will most definitely improve. Another destined to end up in Europe eventually.


Attacking Midfielders


9. Patrick Ngcobo. South African. 24 y/o. 3 caps, 1 goal.

Excellent attacking midfielder who really only lacks finishing and could be a better dribbler. Really strong and quick, likes to bomb forward and get in the box. Great passer and already has 2 goals and 3 assists in 5 games so far this season.


28. Njabulo Maluleke. South African. 17 y/o. U'20 International.

Destined to move onto better things I expect. Really quick, good dribbler and lots of technical ability. Only worries are he maybe isn't the best mentally and is probably a bit lightweight. Been inconsistent so far giving us a couple of sub 6.0 games then pulling out a man of the match performance against Supersport with a goal and two assists. Hopefully as he gets experience that will improve.


Left Wingers


38. Ibrahima Konate. Ivory Coast. 20 y/o. 2 caps.

Quick, good dribbler and good dead ball delivery. Could do better but he is among the best in the division for his position.


20. Steve Shongwe. South African. 20 y/o. 5 U'21 caps.

Signed by me from FS Stars. Has nothing but pace, dribbling and crossing but about all we could find and afford as second choice. Has time to improve but still unlikely to become anything spectacular.




23. Lance Mofokeng. South African. 24 y/o. 1 cap.

One of my signings, brought in on a free from Al-Ain. Played OK in South Africa for a few years before going to Al-Ain where he has a great first season but didn't do it in his second. Has his limitations but should be ideal as a poacher with the kind of football we play. Very quick, good movement and decent in the air. Kind of like a poor mans Rushie type of striker. Already scored 5 in 5 and the only one of our strikers to really perform consistently so far.


Chukwu Samuel. Nigerian. 21 y/o.

Deadline day club record signing at £3.3m. Signed as the other strikers hadn't really been doing it, ideal foil to play off Lance in the slightly deeper role. Still to make his debut as he signed with a sprained ankle and needs to get back to fitness in the reserves first. Has a record of 76 games, 52 goals and 23 assists in the Nigerian leagues and if he can replicate that for us he will be excellent. Still a lot of potential to improve (coaches and scouts reckon he can still improve a lot) so will probably end up in Europe down the line. One of those players who more or less doesn't have a weakness. 10 for creativity and penalty taking are his only low scores relating to an attacking role.


26. Simphiwe Dladla. South African. 19 y/o.

Club academy product, decent all rounder for an attacker and can play on the right also. Needs to improve his consistency but that will probably come with age. Expected him to be first choice supporting Lance but he was proving inconsistent hence the signing of Chukwu Samuel.


39. Siphiwe Khosa. South African. 27 y/o.

Decent finisher but nothing else. Only managed 1 in 3 in his career. Only kept as back up to Lance. I would hope that with Chukwu alongside him he would do better goals wise.


15. Thomas Serubarube. South African. 30 y/o.



We are now at the end of the transfer window and the season has started off pretty damn well with a 2-0 win in my first game in charge in the quarters of the MTN8 Cup which we followed up with a 3-0 and a 5-0 win in our first two league games. Back to the MTN8 Cup for the Semi's we beat Sundowns 1-0 at their place before battering them 5-0 at home and followed that with a 5-2 win in the league.


Despite the scorelines the attack was causing me concern as most of our goals had been coming from midfield and the defenders hence the signing of Chukwu Samuel who should make a huge difference up top.


If this continues I have no fears we should do the league and probably pick up one of the cups available.

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Progressing steadily with my Chelsea side, achieved qualification from Euro Cup group stages with two games to spare. Had RC Lens, Braga and some low Romanian side.


Currently 2nd in the league 8points behind city who along with United are the only team to beat me in the league.


Coming up to Christmas and my first choice XI are all performing very well, with Martinez, Hazard, Isla, Varane, Codeciti (sp) Lindergaard, Luiz and Dioumbe all averaging more than 7.35.


Dioumbe is banging in the goals, with Lakaku weighing in with a decent amount as my back up striker.


Into the quarters of the league cup with a game against United coming up.


Liverpool and Kenny had had a dreadful start of no wins in the first 8 and Kenny is under pressure and could lose his job. Torn as to whether I apply for it if he does go. My aim is to get the job in the end but fancy managing somewhere else after Chelsea, maybe Germany, France or even Spain.


I'll see how I end up trophy wise with Chelsea at the end I the season before I make any decision. Still not won any trophies in my 3 year career but my stock is very high at the moment.


I play a 4-1-1-3-1 very attacking formation, similar on the current Barca side but did struggle against United, only lost 1-0 but could and should have been more. And City bummed me 4-1 at the Etihad.


Really enjoying this version and I think that could be down to the fact I started off with an obscure team too.

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