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From my standpoint, as a TTWARer of six years, the forum that hosted it (LFConline) took the hump about something*, and closed access to TTWAR down on Sunday afternoon.


Some of us on there that know each other on Twitter and other places wanted somewhere else to chat so formed a similar site on Runboard, which within 2 days now has 121 members.

I won't post the address, because that wouldn't be appropriate on another site.


*There was friction between some people who were 'regular TTWAR and occasional LFC online' posters, and some who were 'just LFC Online'. To simplify hugely, they tended to be between some non-regular-matchgoing Tories who wanted a new ground (from LFC online) and many more 'red' both in politics and in match attendance.


I find it hard to believe there isn't more to it than that, though.


Some swift bannings were made, and years and years of TTWAR threads deleted with little or no warning, anyway.


LFC online is now under the umbrella of/moderated by Footymad, or something.

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