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How many penguins do you reckon it would take to defeat you in a fight ?

How many?  

26 members have voted

  1. 1. How many?

    • 1 - 10
    • 11 - 20
    • 21 - 30
    • 31 - 40
    • 41 - 50
    • 51 - 60
    • 61 - 70
    • 71 - 80
    • 80 +
    • No amount of penguins are taking me down.

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Guest TK-421

I would draw on all of my Yeti Sports experience and go the distance, probably lasting until around the 650 penguin mark.

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It would be like that scene in the matrix where MR ANDERSON is fighting millions of agents except eventually you would get your arse kicked because unlike 'the one' you would get knackered.

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In self defence I'd probably punt about 12 before I realised the futility of it all.


Reminds me of Ricky Gervais asking Karl Pilkington if there is anything in the world he could do what would it be and he replied "I've always wanted to kick a duck up the arse"

Hahaha,I've booted a duck up the arse!

When we were kids we were testing the theory that you could hypnotise a chicken by making it stare down a straght line. We grabbed a few chooks from my mate's backyard and stretched the garden hose out and found it works...the chicken just lays there immobilised and staring down the line. So we decided to try it with the ducks and found it works on them too.

This quickly became boring so I decided to try a novel way of waking the duck up again. There was no choice really...it was irrresistable when faced with a big fat duck's arse, so I measured out the paces,did a run up and booted the fat quacking bastard fair in the freckle. He/she woke up in mid air,tried to fly and then fell straight to earth, flat on its beak.

It was funny as fuck at the time, but the duck was never the same again.



Note: I do not advocate cruelty to any animal in any way, unless it's a duck. Quack at me now you beaky cunt!

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Guest The Big Green Bastard

After careful deliberation and research, having asked zoologists and antarctic explorers such as ranulph fiennes and esteemed naturologist david attenborough i came up with my own defensive armour in case the rookery/parcel/waddle/creche/raft of penguins decide to fight back .










Bring it on you pointless fucking turd birds.

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