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*Shakes head* Everton again.

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7 minutes ago, Marko121 said:

They won’t worry too much, their main game is tomorrow 

Is right.


They'll be made up and consider it a great weekend if the mancs win tomorrow.

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12 minutes ago, VladimirIlyich said:

Maybe they should hire Watford's manager again?

Ranieri would never go there, but then, that's what we though about Rafa...

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Fuck me..just jumped onto GoT to see how it's going. The Rafa thread 3.pages in 6 minutes. I guess they're taking it well. They've probably posted another page while I typed this! Haha. Good old Everton . 

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Got the phone in on now, haven’t listened to these since the late 90’s. Great stuff.

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2 minutes ago, Marko121 said:

Rafa getting interviewed on the pitch and one of them rings the Radio Merseyside phone in to tell the presenter to boo him 

Yeah. Proper wool accent as well. 

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    • Ok I never wanted to post this but seeing as so many of us are arguing with each other, we're now on the subject of vaccination deaths, and over the last few months things have escalated to people being fine with mandatory vaccines I'm going to.   I would never have posted this before for two reasons : I didn't want to cause fear about vaccines if the data was off, and I didn't have access to the underlying data. And I still don't, but recently a fact checking site which I'm going to assume some of you would consider reliable has confirmed the figures, even though it's been clear to point out that the cause of these deaths isn't clear.   So this fact checking site also provides balance for those of you that think I'm fear mongering.   The subject is child deaths since the vaccine was rolled out. Here's the article that made me concerned a while back : Deaths among male Children are 83% higher than the 5-year-average since they were given the Covid-19 Vaccine   Now if you can simply look at the data there it points to something that should be a concern. If you read all the text it's clearly blaming the vaccines, but if you want you can simply ignore every bit of text and look at the data provided in the images.   And here's the fact checking article : No evidence linking deaths among children to vaccine rollout   Here's the two quotes confirming the data :       Why didn't I look at the data myself? Simply because when checking the ONS site and trying to access it I get asked to open an .xlsx file (Microsoft Excel) and I can't open it. I figured that if this was really a concern others would post this later on anyway and I'd see it again, which I have done several times since. I never had anyone else confirming the data though.   The last thing that still stopped me posting it was this thought : what about kids that died from covid last year?   Then I found this :     Child mortality in England during the COVID-19 pandemic   And there's also this from the ONS where we do actually have some numbers posted because it's a response to an FOI request : How many children died from long Covid-19 in the UK
    • The Ballon D’or is a glorified piss up for all the UEFA free loaders and cronies, so it’s hardly surprising the results are flawed, if you’re not in the click you don’t stand a chance and, to be fair, Messi and Ronaldo have been standout players over the last 10 years, so no wonder they just keep giving it to either of them. Easy option.
    • Is this a nod to the Shining?
    • Are you sure that's not Rafa's house?
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