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*Shakes head* Everton again.

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11 minutes ago, DalyanPete said:

And over on GOT match thread.....

Dacoure shite.

Allan shite.

Gomes shite.

Carlos shite

All it takes is a RS win and they revert to doing what they do best

Talking abut us? 

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After all their crowing at getting a draw and being top (as if table matters at this stage) and revelling in VVD's injury after the derby - seeing the last two weeks for them has been very enjoyable.

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Because we don’t have any injuries....



Player Valuation: £8m
Bit of context. Imagine Liverpool without Salah, Mane, Robertson and Trent. I can’t think of a team in the league who wouldn’t be completely hit hard by both channels being wiped out. It’s still tough to take as Newcastle did next to nothing. Our squad isn’t good enough to grind games out. For us to do well this year we need the first 11 fit and not suspended.

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9 minutes ago, Doctor Troy said:

Man Utd next weekend for them 

Actually wouldn’t mind a victory for the blues there unless united lose to arsenal today. 

united fans getting a little giddy for my liking need them bringing back to reality.

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17 minutes ago, JagSquared said:




Player Valuation: £70m
Says the bloke who spent all last season extensively telling anyone who would listen how undisputably great they were. The derby changed the course of our season. That’s a fact. If it had been United that we lost our two world class attacking players against I’d say so. It wasn’t though.
Mate, you're obsessed with them. Re-read your posts while we played against Newcastle. In your head we lost that game because of the Derby.

You need to get a grip and realise the world doesn't revolve around Big Red like you think it does.

Start supporting your own team for a change.
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    • Not beating the lesser teams since Xmas which we should have done has fucked us. We should have done far better with what we had available, no doubt.
    • Alisson TAA Phillips Davies Robertson Shaqiri Wijnaldum Fabinho Jones Salah Jota   Mane on from the bench for Jota or Jones, depending on the score.
    • Don't worry, nothing bad's happened to him!   I've noticed that because of the pandemic, the club has had staff cleaning down absolutely everything at Anfield. Maybe they've cleaned away all the Eau de Brucie too, and that's why we've entered this slump at home. The mad croc-wrestling bastard needs to get back to Anfield as well as the training ground and piss on all the goalposts and corner flags again.
    • Part of the problem we had was we were too good. Alisson, Trent, Virgil, Robertson and Fabinho were the best in the world in their positions, if not the best then top 3. Manè and Salah could make similar claims. Thats 7 of the starting XI we couldn't improve on even with Qatari money. Then we have Henderson we wouldn't want to replace and Gomez who is player who could be a world beater, he's a good age and you certainly wouldn't look to replace him.   That leaves Bobby and Gini, both players we did bring in players to compete for their positions.   Chelsea and City have 15 or 16 eight out of ten types while we had a first 11 full of 9/10 types. So we have Salah (9) and Ox (7), where they have Mahrez (8) and Silva (8), so we both have 2 players with an average of 8 out of 10 but the drop off for us is felt much greater. Is that bad planning or unavoidable? I'd say the latter,  these players at their best are still the best team in the league (europe??). They just need a break and a change of scenery, come back fresh with another couple of Jota type players to spark a challenge.
    • There is no excuse for it, give your all every game should be the mantra. I know these players on the whole have played a lot but they had three months off. Back to back league campaigns was always go to be hard, decisions and injuries will upset players but there is no excuse for packing it in.
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