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*Shakes head* Everton again.

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4 hours ago, AngryofTuebrook said:

How is it even possible not to win when you're 2-0 up in the 93rd minute?

It's just fucking brilliant isn't it? 

Pickford in the back of his goal with his little arms out is just the best thing i have seen this year.

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4 hours ago, Tony Moanero said:


That moment when you realise you just don’t have the players to do the things you normally do.

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10 hours ago, Angie81 said:

Ancelotti: “The lads are really down in this moment, I said to them I lost a champions league final from 3-0 up, these things happen” haha fucking hell.....

He needs to get with the program quickly or the pitchforks will come out.

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59 minutes ago, Sugar Ape said:

Some great replies, this being the best. 



I'm afraid 'johhny' is a troll account:


Still made me laugh though.

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10 hours ago, Pistonbroke said:

Funny as fuck from Pickford. If he stays on his line instead of chasing butterflies he saves that easily. Another first for Everton though, Keeper makes a save behind his own fucking goal line. hahahaha. They need to test the fucker for drugs. Dubrawka (sp) was just as bad, should have saved both of their efforts. Still only 7 points from safety, so I hold out hope. 

They've got one of the best managers in the world - but if anyone can fuck that up, and get sucked into a relegation fight it's Everton. 

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11 hours ago, AngryofTuebrook said:


I'm intrigued by the two outfield Everton lads taking a break away from the field of play. Why is more than a quarter of their team not even on the pitch?

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11 hours ago, AngryofTuebrook said:

Didn't some wallopper on GOT a couple of years ago reckon that Pickford was worth £90m or something?

The infamous SteveO

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28 minutes ago, Babb'sBurstNad said:

Is it me, or is he starting to look a bit like '90s Columbo?


Wife Not Satis Nisi One More Thing.

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    • He got pulled for lying again and couldn’t back himself up so blocked his opponent as per
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