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*Shakes head* Everton again.

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13 minutes ago, Doctor Troy said:

They aren't buying anyone according to Brands. 


Maybe Usmanov can sponsor their training ground for £200m more

Ok so they're slapping the IOU's on the table?




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30 minutes ago, Bee Jesus said:

Allegedly because of the losses and FFP it's sell to buy. Like any of that dross are going to walk away from those big bucks. 


I thought they were rich with their billionaire owner living tax free in Monaco. 

Who would want Sigurdsson on loan, never mind buy him?. He cost £45m.


State of them when he bought them. The Esk was going on about buying Messi. They all thought he would just transfer all his cash into Evertons accounts via telephone banking.

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6 hours ago, Bee Jesus said:

Director of football Marcel Brands held a meeting with angry Everton fans who turned up at the training ground on Monday to confront players in aftermath of Liverpool defeat. 

“They asked security to bring the players out and, when that request was refused, it was suggested that more fans could be mobilised to turn up at the training complex and stage a blockade, highlighting the toxic nature of the fall-out from the humiliating loss.”



I’m trying to eat my lunch but I can’t chew as my grin is far too wide. Oh that and the lidocaine.






5 hours ago, Bee Jesus said:

Senior Everton players fired back at Ferguson after he read the riot act at Anfield
By Patrick Boyland and Greg O'Keeffe Jan 7, 2020 

Duncan Ferguson closed the away changing room door at Anfield on Sunday evening and let rip.
Enraged by what is already being talked about as the worst 45 minutes Everton have mustered in a Merseyside derby in modern history, the Scot began dishing out some home truths.
The players, understandably, were still bursting with anger and emotion. Captain Seamus Coleman and defender Mason Holgate had been videoed arguing with a gloating Liverpool supporter as they made their way down the tunnel minutes before.

As Ferguson read the riot act, some fired back.

Despite being part of a full-strength Everton side which had just lost to a starting XI not far from being Liverpool’s under-23 team, some senior players insisted they had given their all during the second half.
Ferguson’s tirade was met with an element of defiance, with some strongly disputing the allegation they had thrown in the towel in the last 45 minutes at Anfield. Instead, these individuals chose to blame the setup and tactics for the crushing defeat.

There is already a feeling in some quarters that Carlo Ancelotti’s style is limiting the impact of certain players, even if most have found the experience of working with a manager of his status to be inspiring.
“It’s hard for individuals to help the team as they cannot keep the ball and play three or four passes to each other. They are playing bad football,” a source close to the first team told The Athletic.
Ancelotti broke with his usual routine of keeping his powder dry immediately after games and also headed to the dressing room at Anfield to let the players know he was not impressed. But it was the 25 minutes alone with assistant manager Ferguson that best illustrates the problems facing Everton.

The players’ defiant stance left Everton’s new coaching staff stunned. Ancelotti, away from his composed and cool demeanor in front of the cameras, was understood to be shocked at how bad some of the displays were from senior players. And after such a humiliating and embarrassing display for Everton’s supporters, the hubris from some of their highest-paid performers must be a worrying sign.
In some cases, the finger is being pointed at the recruitment failings of the past. “Bad choices on new players and maybe managers has cost Everton a lot of money,” the source added. “They need some speed and creativity in the team.”

Another insider told The Athletic that Everton were being still being undermined by a squad lacking in “quality and depth”. But until Ancelotti can have any influence over new signings he will have to work with the same group of players that so obviously under-performed under Marco Silva, improving morale and processes slowly over time.
The hangover from previous failed regimes lingers, rearing its ugly head in pressure situations such as the one on Sunday at Anfield, and is said to be having an influence on the squad’s receptiveness to new ideas.

The stylistic shift from Silva to Ancelotti is palpable, while certain members of the squad will also have been present for the markedly different methods of Sam Allardyce and Ronald Koeman.
The way in which Everton have moved between styles so regularly has created an element of doubt for the players in terms of understanding the club’s direction of travel on and off the pitch. Some players have had to face up to drastically different briefs.

“Who on earth goes from Big Sam to Marco Silva and then from Silva to Ancelotti?” said another source. “When players don’t trust decisions and direction from management, they get frustrated and lose respect. When that happens, players look at all management as the same thing, from a new manager to ownership.”
Everton undoubtedly pulled off a coup in appointing Ancelotti. It is a move that could yet fulfil owner Farhad Moshiri’s dream of returning the club to the elite.
But after so much upheaval, poor recruitment and several destabilising set-backs, those expecting a quick fix are likely to be sorely disappointed.

In case we were running out of material for laughing at them, they deliver fans turning up for a showdown and shit players fighting with a shit coach.

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300 angry lads showing up at woodison ready to smash the players cars in? Fucking hell. I'm not sure if that's hilarious or so pathetic a reaction that it's depressing.

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48 minutes ago, Barry Wom said:

I'm getting the feeling all is not well at Everton. 

Ha. Any fortune teller reading Everton’s tea leaves at the moment would be fishing out lumps of dog shit and dead fish.


”Things aren’t going to be ENTIRELY positive”. 

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3 minutes ago, Lee909 said:

God I'd love a undercover red with a camera at the AGM




There's got to be a stadium update soon. Maybe they will buy another floor in the Liver buildings and shine blue lights on it.

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1 hour ago, rotoq said:

300 angry lads showing up at woodison ready to smash the players cars in? Fucking hell. I'm not sure if that's hilarious or so pathetic a reaction that it's depressing.


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9 hours ago, VladimirIlyich said:

They will continue to fail if they use us as a yardstick. They have to look into their own club and sort themselves out before they can improve. If they stay as deluded as they are currently then down is the only way.

This post should be pinned at the top of every page of this thread.

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