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*Shakes head* Everton again.

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On 1/15/2019 at 8:42 AM, Angie81 said:

I want to know what she means by onwards and upwards.....to where?

She's tilting the cup to make her Ribena go onwards and upwards so she can drink some. It's how the Bloos roll.

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2 hours ago, Angie81 said:

I've just ventured over to the pit of misery and they've started a thread on what their new ground will be called. If you get a chance read it, it's comedy. The best thing ever will be if this stadium flops, we will be ripping them for years.

Even if the stadium is built successfully, there will be plenty of opportunity to give them a hard time. It's how the Koppites roll.

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They will have to pay about 45m a year in repayments and interest charges. They have to fill the stadium to make money and loads will flounce when they don't get their cheap tickets saying they aren't the peoples club anymore. 


Going on about having safe standing at a 62,000 capacity. That won't make them any money.

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The conspiracy is strong in this one




Player Valuation: £70m
Today at 7:10 PM
New #13,559

hmm, FA scheduling city's U21's EFL game a day before the burton 2nd leg. Obviously city were going to play their youth team in the second leg, but that's been scuppered. Weird that the team their reserve team will be playing in the EFL cup, sunderland, are probably a step above the team their first team will be playing in the league cup semi ha
Also, I have to go onto an Everton site to find out who the ref is for our game on Sat.! Slipping in here.
It’s fucking ace over there at the moment. Despite the ‘meltdown’ that’s been coming for months, it ain’t happened and they are absolutely bricking it. 


Player Valuation: £70m
Today at 8:58 PM
New #13,567
Palace Saturday, home, dodgy ref (Moss).

Penalty or Red card Zaha..

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3 hours ago, SammyAftershave said:

I received this from a blue friend of mine.




To be fair I think he was attempting to be ironic but I couldn't swear to it.

I take it the picture of Dot Cotton the last time they won the league is a sperm entering an ovum?

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