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*Shakes head* Everton again.

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Haha. Strap yourselves in.


Heard a shocking rumour about Moshiri and what’s going on with our transfer window this summer. To get straight to the point, we haven’t got a pot to piss in, Koeman and Walsh’s lavish spending is going to take a few years to repair. Our wage bill is too much and 4-5 others are going to need to leave. Then we break even with no new faces. Moshiri wants to cash in on Pickford to help fund 1-2 new faces.

It’s looking like Silva is going with what we have, plus a new left back and centre back. I’m a little bit disappointed but if it means we survive and grow again in the future then it’s neccessay.


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They've apparently decided that one of the best left back prospects in the world isn't worth 25m in this market. A player who they would easily make a profit on later if he were to have like one good season with them. They have no significant money. Very obvious.

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