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    • I'm sure there was some woeful decision made going into the 2010 or 2014 world cup where one colour was the norm ie Italy and France play in all blue, England and Germany in al white, The Netherlands in all orange, Spain in all red etc but i assumed that was jibbed off as it was awful. Pretty sure it didn't apply much in 2018 either. But i noticed, up until yesterday Italy had played in all blue and in the England  v Scotland game they could easily have gone with blue shorts for England and white for Scotland, but they didn't. There must be something definitive out there.      
    • Well you could say that about Edwards. He was the mastermind behind our summer transfer dealings after Suarez left. Edwards only got on track when he had klopp holding his hand. The very same could be true of spurs depending who they hire as manager.  I thought last season was interesting with kane. He seemed to have a couple of incidents with his ankles and be back in no time - in fact I seem to remember one point where he left the pitch like he might never walk properly again and he was back maybe the next match or the one after. Mourinho mentioned with one time he went off something like "it's one thing to play with one injured ankle, but it's another to play with 2". It makes me wonder if he's maybe taking injections or just playing through substantial pain to play. There's no doubt at the euros he doesn't look fit, he can barely turn.    His goals speak for themselves, but I think anyone who signs him is taking a bit of a gamble as I think it remains to be seen if he can continue. If I was betting, I would say he's more likely to head in the direction of Torres or schevcheko when they joined Chelsea than to continue the trajectory he's been on. 
    • Yeah, it's a terrible read that and just makes aldo sound jealous. 
    • Fucking hell Aldo!  I agree that Rafa is too good for Everton and they'll never truly accept him but when did Aldridge get so bitter?
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