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    • This the same Varane who had an absolute Lovrenesque nightmare for Real against city, was it, in the Champions League not so long ago?
    • Have to disagree about the vanity project ownership. No way would I fund that, I'll go and support Tranmere or Marine if that ever happens. We should be fighting to stop that model of ownership spreading through football never mind wishing to join it.   People bang on about Leicester being a good model to follow but in my humble opinion, they are just a smaller scale of chelsea and city. Their owner has pumped money into the club to build a new stadium, a £100m training centre etc.    
    • If his brains were made of dynamite he wouldn't have enough to blow his hat off.
    • Hi lads back again - have run a league on here for last few years and will run a £10 one again if there are people interested. Its the game on the official site http://fantasy.premierleague.com   Anyone who wants to join this league can send £10 entry to my paypal (family & friends) which is collinseoghan@hotmail.com. Please include your forum name, real name and team name in the paypal message so its easy for me to keep track of who has entered. I'm busier than usual at moment so it might take me a few days to reply with the code but I'll try keep on top of it if I can.   PM once you've sent over money on paypal and I'll send you the code for the league. I'll put up a list of who has paid as the money comes in, we usually get 15+ plus entries so I'll do 1st, 2nd and maybe 3rd prize depending on how many join this year.    Deadline is before the night game on Friday, August 13th so get your team set up and entries in soon as you can, good luck!
    • What is Rooney like? Claims he’s been blackmailed but if he didn’t go to a hotel with the girls they wouldn’t be able to take photos would they? Can’t understand why a man of his age wants to go clubbing anyway. 
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