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    • To be fair that’s pretty fucking good. Not quite Chelsea level good, but not so long ago our best prospects used to always end up at Accrington Stanley. 
    • Rooney’s lawyers say it’s been reported to the police, but GM Police say…  
    • I see, so you think the numbers are right, but you don’t believe the stories posted by LFC journalists around that. I have no issues with that. It’s the suggestion that they’re fiddling with the numbers, inflating salary costs, hand-in-hand with the auditors, only so that internet fans don’t get angry when we don’t buy the players they want is what I find laughable and QAnon-esque.
        Like you Barry, if it was up to me I’d rather if the club was a multibillionaire’s vanity project, not unlike City, who could just keep buying expensive flops until they find the right player. However I’m in my 30s and without a doubt, the best time I’ve had as a Liverpool supporter has been under their ownership. I don’t recall another Liverpool team having at least seven of the absolute very best players in for world in the squad (Salah, Mane, Alisson, Virgil, Trent, Robbo, and Thiago) so no, I don’t hate FSG as much as you do. If they can keep it up, I’m happy for them to stay.
    • Liverpool's academy can make the club millions...
    • You’re totally right though Dave, summer’s are shit for Liverpool fans as we have to sit and watch the Mancs and Chavs hoover up anything decent with a pulse while we do fuck all apart from being linked to no-marks or (laughably) Mbappé! We really haven’t had a stellar transfer window since 2018 while the rest (especially the scum) have been getting their shit together - Sancho and, more importantly, Varane, on paper looks excellent business (hope they’re shit on grass!). So 3yrs of pretty much sitting still instead of building on success. Oh, and does anyone really believe we bid that amount of money for Chiesa…? 
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