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    • Alisson   Trent Matip Fabinho Robertson   Henderson Thiago Wijnaldum   Salah Firmino Mane   Context:   We should NEVER be anything less than 100% up for beating these rats and we IMO can't do it without our best team - the team that on paper is our strongest and the most capable we can put out right now.   Trent probably does need standing down but for me he has to play himself into form and confidence and for a Scouser playing for Liverpool, away at Man Utd is up there as one of the best places can do it....plus Neco Williams or Milner at rb v these? Not for me.   Hendo has to play if fit if not then Jones or Milner.   I suppose Matip is a controversial pick - 'wrap him in bubble wrap for league' is a reasonable shout....but fuck leaving Williams or Phillips to be embarrassed by their pace up front....if we want to win this, we probably need to keep a clean sheet - only let in 1.   Front 3 - Firmino really does not deserve a place at the moment, but don't trust other options available to replace him and so again get out there and prove you are a champion in a game that means so much to this football club and its supporters.
    • Klopp is an over-achiever, and seems happy to work that way. He knows the drill with FSG, I think. Dortmund was a similar situation - he worked brilliantly with sling shots against Bayern Munich's intercontinental ballistic missiles. It eventually, inevitably, unravelled because it is not sustainable. And he left - amicably wasn't it?   I see parallels here.    
    • So you noticed that did you? Did you notice anything else?  
    • I wasn't around in 1977 but winning that would have meant we'd have been the first English club to do the treble, and not those manc twats. The loss vs Real hurt the most, mainly because I was sure we'd win and we would have if not for those two cunts Ramos and Karius.
    • Obviously his whole language and attitude is different, we haven't scored a league goal for a month. I don't argue he might be pissed off. I just reckon he's probably been pissed off before, but the questions have been different, the context different and the overall vibe different. He was pretty clear in the interview to laugh and ask why anyone is surprised because this is how it's always been.    Ultimately the only people who know are klopp, Edwards and the board and owners. For me it feels no real different to before, it's just results are shit and our luck with injuries has highlighted the vulnerabilities in the squad. I've read countless times on this forum the fear many had around a long term injury to vvd, alisson, robbo, Trent, mane or salah. Well now we've got one. Do people think klopp didn't always realise this was a possibility? Of course and he'd have liked more squad depth. But he also knew from day 1 the rules and decided to work with them. That's how I see it. It's pretty much what he said yesterday. 
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