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    • My Dad and my uncle both went to St Theresa's in Norris Green. Another one of my uncles was on Liverpools books until he was 15. There's no way on earth my Dad would have supported Liverpool or my Uncle would have played for them if Liverpool were the Protestant club. My Grandad was a staunch Catholic who made his kids attend church as often as possible.    My dad was always slagging off Protestants and moaned about one nearly breaking his leg in Belfast when he played for Liverpool boys. He always used to go on about sectarianism to me and I hated it.    I bought a Rangers shirt when I was 14 with my paper round money simply because I liked the shirt. My dads head exploded when he saw what I bought and threatened to put it in the bin. Being 14 and not remotely arsed about religion I didn't see it coming. I bought a Celtic one about six months later and he still moaned saying that I needed to make my mind up.
    • Tom Clayton with the goal, as it happens...
    • I wouldn’t take the FlashScore formation at face value. 1-0 LFC, Clayton with his first goal for us at this level.
    • More likely Tom Clayton as the holding midfielder, though could be a 3 at the back.
    • I think Matt Busby was catholic although not sure. He played for us and obviously managed united for over 20 years. It's easy to see people think of united as a catholic club if that's the case but exposes the myth about Liverpool, who also wanted Busby as manager when he hung up his boots.   We were after signing Lou Maccari from Celtic and if I remember right, brought him to Anfield around 1972 when he'd signalled he wanted to move south. Again, exposes this blueshite myth about Liverpool not signing catholics. A day later Maccari turns up at Old Trafford for talks, Tommy Docherty(?) was manager. Maccari declares he's signing for united.   We later signed Dalglish from Celtic but obviously Kenny was protestant just playing for a catholic club. Ian Rush is as catholic as can be. Souey wanted to take him to Rangers when things weren't working out for him at Juve but Rushie didnt fancy the idea of being the first high profile catholic player to sign for them before Mo Jonstone did.   There's alway religion bubbling away in the background. Anyone who went to Anfield from the 60s to late 90s would be familiar with one half the Kop chanting Celtic and the other half Rangers. But even then if wasnt one side of the Kop shouting for each, the fella stood next to you could be shouting for the other team.   It's just bollocks this Liverpool 'are \ were the proddy club.' We've as many catholic fans as proddys in Norther Ireland. Obviously the republic is different since catholocism is the major religion there.
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