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    • I remember that taxi drivers would take supporters to Cornwall first before finally dropping them off in New Brighton and saying Anfield is just over the road, cos it's derredshite init?  
    • Just watching some Euro 96 highlights on Youtube, and I can't believe I never noticed the German goal in the semi against England was offside, and it's not even close. Weird how nobody ever mentions it.
    • The events of the 4th of October in 2015 remains a distinct memory of Brendan Rodgers.

      It was the day that the Northern Irishman was told his services were no longer required after another below par performance which was symbolic of the malaise the club was in at that time.

      The current Leicester manager recalled his memories to The Beautiful Game podcast(via the Mirror) of driving home after the 1-1 draw in the Merseyside derby when he got the call.

      “There were a few stories but I didn't know a thing. Clearly the decision was (already) made but I wasn't aware of it.

      “The first I spoke to the ownership was with Mike Gordon on the drive back home after the game.

      "When I arrived at the training ground, I got in the car and I was driving home and I got the call from Mike. That was the first time I knew.

      "I thanked them for it, for the experience, I knew where they were coming from and we parted on good terms. We both moved on.

      To this day, Rodgers says he has no axe to grind with the club and instead sees his time at the Reds in a positive light.  

      "I had a wonderful experience.   "The first two years in particular of building towards that run that we had. We then lost one of the real catalysts of the team.

      "The third year I found, from a coaching perspective, we weren't doing well then we changed it and went on a run and came back into it.

      "But at the end of that season when Aston Villa  beat us (in the FA Cup Semi Final,) I think everyone wanted to finally get a trophy and after we lost that we dipped, then of course the last game of the season (6-1 defeat at Stoke) wasn't a true reflection of how we worked."

      The tenure of Rodgers is hard to define in a nutshell.   You cannot call it a true disaster because there was some glorious and thrilling football played during that 2013/4 season which came ever so close to ending the title run.   Seeing the likes of Luis Suarez in his pomp destroying defences at will, the exciting development of Raheem Sterling, and the rebirth of Daniel Sturridge and Philippe Coutinho after frustrating spells at their previous clubs are memories that many fans recall with a deal of fondness to this day.

      But it most certainly wasn’t a success either with no trophies, a number of insipid performances and some questionable dealings in the transfer market.

      Then there were questions about how the departures of Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard were handled.

      Carragher in particular was a avid student of the game and many felt he was a manager in waiting.

      However Rodgers detailed why an offer to be on his coaching staff was not forthcoming.

      “It was straight forward.   "I was going in with the intention of asking him to come into my coaching staff rather than the playing side.

      “But when I actually met him and joined as manager and met him before we started pre-season, my communication with him seemed more as though he wanted to be on the playing side and still focus on playing.

      “If that was the case this wasn't going to be the role for him."   Rodgers used a example of what he had in mind for Carragher.

      “A bit like Kolo Toure. You think of what Kolo has done for me.

      “I took him to Liverpool, then at Celtic, and when he wasn't sure what he wanted to do I gave him the offer of coming into my technical team and that's what I was looking for in a similar role for Jamie.

      “He was right he wanted to continue playing but I didn't sort of see the player-coach combination at that time. But he was absolutely first class for me in my time there.”

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    • And the next round of objections to be raised, with Brighton once again appearing at the forefront of objections now the resumption of the league is in sight, are:   The Premier League are facing dissent from several clubs over a number of proposed rule changes for the resumption of the season. Sportsmail has learned that plans to increase the number of substitutes from three to five, to allow clubs to re-register players not named in their 25-man squads in January and to introduce a multi-ball system all have detractors. There is also unhappiness at some clubs about the Premier League's unwillingness to reconsider the use of VAR, which FIFA ruled last month could be abandoned for the rest of the campaign.   These issues are likely to lead to a fierce debate at Thursday's meeting of club executives, ahead of a formal vote on any rule changes next week. Each change would need 14 of the 20 clubs in favour to pass.  Many clubs support increasing substitutions to five due to injury fears in a congested schedule after a lengthy break, with Chelsea submitting a proposal to increase the number of substitutes on the bench from seven to nine, as revealed by Sportsmail on Monday.  But several other clubs argue making such a major change mid-season would damage the competition's integrity, while those with smaller squads feel they would be at a disadvantage.   Managers who pride themselves on their players' fitness and work ethic are also concerned at losing such advantages. Brighton coach Graham Potter went public with his opposition last month and many relegation-threatened clubs agree. Aston Villa would be obvious beneficiaries of allowing clubs to re-register players.  Goalkeeper Tom Heaton and striker Wesley were originally omitted due to knee injuries, but may now be fit to play.  Villa's relegation rivals are likely to oppose such a move, however, and could be joined by clubs who are still to face Smith's side, such as Wolves and Manchester United who are chasing European football next season. Some clubs feel the multi-ball proposal will deny players the time to recover from fatigue when the ball is out of play, which is particularly problematic with games being played in the middle of summer. The rationale is to limit lengthy stoppages when the ball is kicked into empty stands.   https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8378005/Plans-increase-subs-five-register-players-lead-dissent-Premier-League-ranks.html
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