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    • Philips has been watching too many episodes of The Last Kingdom.
    • That's how every tournament they play in goes. Scrape a win and suddenly they are world beaters, then when they finally lose the same papers and pundits will be calling them worse than shit for underperforming when they've probably produced about par. 
    • Did England really play that well yesterday? All the papers & pundits seem to think they were exceptional. Perhaps I was watching a different game?
    • If we got Phillips and Grealish we could really get going on a shite haircut XI, Bobby could grow his topknot back. Having said that defence would be letting the team down
    • There's a lot to unpack there and I don't have much time before I start work, but I'll give it a go.    So I think we're agreeing on klavan? I'm not sure though?    I didn't know lallana renewed back then. So maybe we keep him to bring Jones through.    We bought chamberlain once we knew we couldn't keep hold of coutinho. I don't think he relates to any of all that.    Origi, I think was supposed to challenge the front 3, but obviously that is opinions. I think Jota was brought in once it was clear he couldn't really do that job.    But none of this really changes the wijnaldum position. Let's say you're right and we were planning for Gini to leave 2 years ago and thiago or Jones are his replacement (I can't remember which you said now, but I always thought thiago was bought to replace Gini too) - it doesn't alter anything. You can plan all you like, but chamberlain, ox, keita offer nothing, Henderson is fit maybe for half the games and milner is still old. It means even if it was a great idea to phase Gini out, we're not in a good place, so we need another plan because Gini didn't phase out (like lallana and klavan for example). And that's what I was saying before, if we sell nobody, I believe we don't have a plan, yet his games clearly need replacing despite bright spark ideas of years ago. Nobody writes a business plan 2 years ago, sits down today and they've done absolutely everything in that plan the way they wanted. And effectively squad management is Edwards and klopps business plan. Things change and you need to react to new situations - I don't believe we're capable of doing that, absolutely everything depends on trying to sell the likes of keita. That's not a business plan, it's a wing and a prayer. 
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