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    • It’s pretty simple Baz. We’re saving up for M’Bappe.
    • It's the fact that he seems to be using it as an excuse for his massive wage hike and transfer and I don't remember him saying much about it at the time either. If you don't want to see or hear abuse then don't use the cesspool that calls itself twitter. If I know that then a footballer who is almost half my age certainly does. PS,if any of those comments were racist he has every right to report them to the authorities and call them out.
    • Watched him for France in the Euros because I thought we maybe should have gone for him before Konate. Didnt impress and he looked a bit lost at times.
    • Amortisation is in the accounts. I haven't studied it, but iirc the Swiss ramble broke that down to it's been decreasing over recent years (marginally iirc). But then that would be expected as we (as do all clubs) amortise new signings over the period of their 1st contract, and then if they sign a 2nd, the remaining is spread over the period of the new contract - and we've not been singing many new players (just minamino and a free Adrian in the last accounts).   But honestly, amortisation is an accounting distraction too. Just think of the cashflow. We bring in 500m in a pandemic year. We pay 326m on wages. So let's stop there a second for some context. So once our wages are paid, we then have a figure left that would run probably the bottom 10-12 clubs in the premier League.    So let's continue.  Iirc, about 9 or 10m on main stand repayments and I don't recall the training ground debt costs, but let's say maybe 5m as it's half the price of the main stand and we repay over a similar period. So 340m. We probably spend a few million on running offices and replacing and maintaining pitches at the academy, training ground and stadium. IT costs should be next to fuck all. Let's roll all that up into 10m. So there's 350m. Every penny of staff costs is built into that 326m - so not just players, stewards, ticket office, IT, press, marketing, directors. So where does the rest of the money go? We pretty much sell to buy players - over klopps time I think we average net spend of around 20m per year. That's what I'd like to understand. I know why Barcelona are skint for example, they pay 3 or 4 players around the cost of our entire wage bill ffs. I know why Man United should be skint. They spend on fees and wages, plus pay dividends and acquisitional loan repayments. I know why spurs are skint, because they're not as big as us and they've built a 1bn stadium. There's just no logical explanation as to why we're skint - and the pandemic is no excuse as we're always skint. We're either not and we're just tight, we're maybe running the club badly and haemorrhaging money or something more worrying is happening.   
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