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    • It's limited to 3 months, what's the fucking point of this shit fest today for the sake of fucking 3 months?   If it goes on much longer then maybe it would be fair to consider it then, see what other similar businesses are doing, what the consensus is.  But no, these dickheads FSG and their lackeys have to put us near the top of the shit list to save a few bob.  Massive own goal, massive. 
    • It is yes, but it’s not, and will not be, the most egregious case.   Watch for the grubbiness that’ll come over the next few weeks as ‘they’ realise it’s going to cost a fortune to sustain their long term interests in the face of, significant, short term losses.   Everybody is going to try their arm over the coming weeks.
    • Who's letting anyone off the hook?  There's a thread on the GF called Coronacunts, FSG can go in it along with all the others you've mentioned.  A lot of people expected better of "the club" and feel let down by FSG (again), the fucking shysters.    edit - fortunately FSG are not, never have been, and never will be Liverpool Football Club. 
    • The economy is going to be fucked after this, if every business that didn't need to do this didn't do it then the economy would be less fucked when it's all over. This is scummy, I feel sick and embarrassed by it.
    • Levy, we all know is a first class cunt and if they scrap the season Spurs would be back in the champs league, so they’re clinging to that cash cow. Branson is a fucking billionaire that’s asking for his company to be saved so he saves his billions, his staff never came in to it, Ashley, he’s the same but a Happy Shopper version. Weatherspoons told all his employees to go apply at Tesco’s, whilst his Ruddle’s addled lobotomy victims were given genuine propaganda. I don’t think they’re the same level of cuntery.   They are taking advantage, yes, but it’s from a sensible business place, as a company that pay millions in tax and generates local revenue, as well as international. My friends who have been furloughed are ecstatic, relatively to others who have been scrap-heaped, they’re not losing jobs and they have lives to walk back in to. It’s not, in any way, ideal, but it is the situation we find ourselves in.   In favour of the government supporting people who would otherwise lose jobs, yes. In support of people’s jobs being kept open once this shitfest is over, yes. In support of rich men exploiting the system to further their interests at the governments expense, no.   So on balance I’d prefer the government to foot the bill to sustain employment in the long term.     
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