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*Shakes head* Everton again.

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Guest ShoePiss

It's funny that it's from the official site, if it was just a fan doing it there'd be nothing wrong but from the club? Hahaha the fucking idiots, what about the Everton fans in Wales?

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You can smell the desperation. If we're asked about this we should say "We're proud to to have not only three quaters of our city support us, but also many international fans, like those from Norway."







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Guest ShoePiss

It's marketing genius actually, of course if the intent was to alienate the small but incredibly loyal out of town support. Maybe they do want to be become more Royston Vasey?

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They might be surprised at just how much the Norwegians don't give a fuck.


Our club didn't want to continue being run like a corner shop, but we've never stooped so low as becoming the equivalent of selling out of the back of an van.


I bet they haven't even got the foresight to print that image onto mouse mats to give away on one of their online forums.

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I don't get it. I'm from Australia, not Norway.


Everton's marketing is extremely misleading and hurtful.


Picking on a little club like Liverpool. Minority bashing.


Perhaps they could next try to re-ignite an ethnic cleansing campaign in the former Jugoslavija.

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Maybe they should concentrate on the fact that they're only 4 points below us despite their shitty season so far.


... or because of yet another shitty season by us more like.

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True. Either way, I'd avoid us gloating over them...


To gloat over them, you first have to be interested enough in them.


No danger of that from me.

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Small clubs do what small clubs do.


It's the same as calling their shop in Liverpool 1, Everton 2. It's pathetic, especially when their other store, Everton 1 is actually in Liverpool 4.

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You have to give it to them they are fantastic at marketing, as long as you live within 20 miles. It seems like a good business model to me.


If saying you're local when you've got a mopped-headed Belgian, for instance, as one of your marquee employees constitutes fantastic marketing, then yes.


At least they're following the marketing 101 principal of not telling the truth I suppose.

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