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    • Spot on. Lampard is as inept as solskjaer is. He didnt pull up any trees with Derby in the Championship and he only got the chelsea job because of his reputation as a player with the club which, knowing Abramovic's M.O. is going to get trashed (not that I care).   All this shit about him playing kids and he gets plaudits but Jurgen does it and he's 'disrespecting' the cup and opponents.   The truth is, the people who do the PL fixtures seem to be going out of their way to give clubs blocks of easy games during the season and this skews results. It means it looks like a club is better than it actually is.   Look at Leicester before they played us, 8 or 9 games they won on the trott, made them look title challengers for a while. Same with chelsea, a run of 'easy' fixtures and fwank is a genius. Except he is not.
    • the human brain also beats the robot in picking out the 4 out of 8 photos that feature a bridge or road sign.   we are not robots!!
    • Oh, he's hopelessly pro-Man Utd. I think he views the success of Man Utd and the success of Sky Sports as being one and the same. It doesn't make him anti-Liverpool though. There was nothing in his commentary after any of the goals on Monday night to suggest he hated Liverpool, yet people still went off the deep end.
    • I've mentioned this myself once or twice - it's bizarre how much sympathy Chelsea have had in the media. The transfer ban has been portrayed like some unfortunate handicap they've had to bravely overcome. They were found guily of breaking the rules in the recruitment of young players - 29 times, I think I read!! It's no wonder they've had outstanding Academy teams for the years. And the irony the media have missed is that their early season good form was largely down to the younger players - who came through their Academy system! As for the transfer ban - they still managed to buy Kovacic for £40m despite the ban - how does that work?! And they got Pulisic for £60m in January. So, in 2019, they spent about £99.5 m more than us. Meanwhile, they generate a steady income from loaning and selling their Academy players - the same Academy system found guilty of dozens of breaches of the rules.
    • You don't need to do too much trawling to spot his bias to be fair. He's massive stick of Manc rock with "cunt" spelt out right down the middle. 
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