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    • I don't think anything can be pushed through without those 6 though? Hence the threat by the bottom 6 last year to void the league - it needed one of them to agree to play.    If the deal is too much in their favour we can say no. We as fans were against the ESL not standing up for ourselves. They will overplay their hand - stupid people always do. 
    • Just a thought, listening to all these ex pro's on Tele talking about the big 6 being greedy don't care about fans out for themselves. I wonder if any of these pundits ever moved club's because they were offered more money? And I wonder if these pro's gave a fuck about the fans they were leaving behind who had payed THEIR wages and I wonder how many (Robbie Savage) mentioned downing tools to force a move through, Rio Ferdinand has had alot to say lately didn't he move from Leeds to Utd despite knowing the history between the two sets of fans. All two face cunts.
    • Yeah I'm sure every extra penny would be spent on the squad or stadium 
    • Not sure how the 'we go it alone' for the next tv deal works out. We and the other 5 clubs will be outvoted at every opportunity that doesnt benefit 'the 14.' They've already shown their intent by kicking representatives off PL committees. Everything is off the table for the 6 and on the table for the 14. 3 of the 14 voting on this wont even be in the PL next season.   It really wouldnt surprise me for the 14 to become quite bullish over tv rights money. Theoretically, they could push just about anything through such as weighting the distribution of tv money to clubs who finish outside the top 6 because 'they have the added benefit of income from European football.'   Anyone think cunts like parish at palace and barber at brighton arent licking their lips over this? They've never had such a whip hand in football before.   The 6 have left themselves exposed like never before.
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