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I think Konchesky's sound when the winger is coming up against him one on one. His positional sense is pretty shocking though, to be fair.


He has been in weird positions a lot. But then I saw Agger taking up the same weird positions. I thought it was just Agger forgetting he was a full back, but I think there's something tactical to it. Something between the full back and wide midfielder that isn't working yet.

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We need to sign a new left back quickly. konchesky is shit as you can get


He's at least about as shit as you can get and still get games in the premiership. Only player I can think of that is significantly worse at this level is McShane.

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He should be. But it should be Kelly or Darbs at Right Back.


Based on what though? Skrtel and The Greek have been better on form. I'm sick of us clinging on to Carra like a security blanket and never even considering having him sit out a game. It's beyond a joke.

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Carragher is strangely silent since the Blackburn match. I assume he is head and shoulders over everyone else in the "own goal" department. Has anyone got an accurate count?

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    • That official statement read like a piss take, this is the footballing equivalent of the founding fathers and the Americans are here to liberate us.    Personally I still think this will be all sorted. The 12 (15?) clubs will get automatic admission to the CL and UEFA will need to take a smaller slice of the revenues.    For us fans who go every week, well there's a 2nd season ticket you need - while that would have been almost needed under the new regulations, while a spot wasn't guaranteed , it's harder to make it a formal ST. I bet ticker prices will be higher per game too, so PL 19 games at £750-800, who would bet we won't get charged the same again for the 10 game European version?    It will also make league season interesting in how they develop - for all my life time (even pre-top 4 CL), part of what kept the league going through the season was fighting for European places... If there's nothing to fight for, once you can't win the league, what will that mean for the domestic season? There's going to be a lot of dead rubbers, not a lot for TV to get excited about and half a season closer to friendlies than football games. I feel a PL revamp coming on too in a similar model to this.    Football has evolved constantly through my life, especially since mass TV coverage from the 90s. As a consequence the needs of the TV companies pushes the direction of the game where the paying fan used to. It doesn't mean it will kill the game, it's hard to believe it will do more damage than VAR, which by some way is the single biggest problem TV has brought to the game. But equally, I don't see how this enhances the product, players need to play less and not more.    All the people supporting this, you're supporting something that is just designed to make wealthy mean wealthier. It doesn't mean the product is any better, a bit like 3D cinema. Salah doesn't get better at football because John Henry has a $5bn asset and not a $3bn one. Equally, all these pricks at uefa and the PL, well that's all about money too isn't it? They're just upset the clubs at the top want to share less of the pie and it'll leave them hungry.    Bottom line here is the game is fucked now. It's not a sport any more and it hasn't been one for some time. It's just entertainment. The outcome is mattering less and less and is morphing into some type of WWE. The Super League isn't the catalyst for that though, the game has gone already. 
    • Can’t see Jurgen happy with it either.   BBC is all over it this morning, even showing Neville’s rant on Sky.
    • I've been searching this thread looking for an explanation as to how or when spurs became a top 6 side   They've only won 2 titles, the last of which was 60 years ago   The same goes for shiity and chelski, when did they became a top 6 side   Before they got their blood money, they had only won 1 & 2 titles respectively   If it wasn't for the blood money, they'd be yo yo team like WBA, who have 1 title to their name   Leeds, for example have 3 titles and at least 1 of them is a premier league title, same as Blackburn   Then there's the Ev & Villa who have won more titles than shiity and chelski   If you're going to do a super league, at least involve the teams with extensive pedigree, not only in their home league but in Europe also such as Ajax, ahead of the new money mongrel teams like shiity and chelski   Also, if this league were to proceed, I could see it becoming pretty boring pretty quickly within 20 years, so the next level is to make it a World Super League, involving teams from South America   This I wouldn't mind, as I could make quite a holiday out of it   I'd travel from Melbourne to Buenos Aries to watch the Pool play Boca Juniors, then go to Patagonia for a week before the next game day fixture between Flamengo v Barca, before finishing my holiday in Machu Picchu prior to heading back to Melbourne  
    • I’d like to think you are right about this. The fact is though, there’s no chance the players are getting banned from International Football if this happens.   I think, for example, the sponsors of the next World Cup might have something to say about their investment suddenly being devalued by the non appearance of the large majority of superstar players. 
        In the end, the money will talk. I’m not saying that’s right, I’m really not. Just that I think this is how it will play out in reality. 
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