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Carragher gets his thirty pieces of silver

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Carragher gets two years contract. He boasts that he never negotiates - his contract renewals take two minutes. This one took a whole year of plotting and scheming. First were the threats that he would leave if he was benched, then the paranoia that Rafa would not recommend a renewal, then the campaign to undermine Rafa using Bascombe and TLW and eventually giving Purslow grounds to tell the media and the board that Rafa had lost the dressing room. Even after he started to talk openly about his contract - it has taken two or three months of negotiations.


Its not right that one of the highest paid players should be given an extraordinary extension on the eve of new owners taking over. It smells like a pay-off.


He was a good player 4-5 years ago. He's not good enough now. He should have been offered a one-year extension at reduced wages on the understanding that he would have to work for his place.


That would have allowed him to look elsewhere - possbily go and play for "the Boss" - Houllier at Aston Villa, or even for the blueshite.

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