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    • The lack of self awareness in that piece of shit writing is completely off the scale .
    • Nah, you can't do a points deduction. It's a simple way for dicks of other clubs to turn up at your ground and get you a points deduction. Make individuals punished for their actions. Ensure they're prosecuted. Ensure they get lifetime bans. Ensure they go to prison if they break those bans. Obviously you can't arrest everyone if it is scenes like at forest or Everton last week, but there are plenty you can arrest and identify. It's only way. Punishing clubs just opens the door to more fucking wackos.  The clubs are also complicit in the ownerships we have. They didn't want Saudi near the table, often giving the impression it was about human rights, sometimes about nations not being able to run clubs and sportswash. But the reality was as soon as they settled a small squabble over TV rights piracy, it was waved through in moments. All the biggest clubs (and plenty of the not biggest) are owned by private equity investors who are only hear to make money. It's not in their interests to stop those with money to throw around having access to buying clubs, it helps pump the value of their own asset and enables their exit plan.   
    • Nice one, mate. Just spent a small fortune on there, went with XL over the L as quite a few in the reviews were saying to order a size up. That said, Once the fuckers go through the wash they should be back down. 
    • When I see Keita on the team sheet, I ask one question.   Why?
    • He's just following up on Guardiola's tedious 'everybody hates us' shite narrative. Mourinho did it badly and Feguson did it well. Nobody calls City's style of play boring, what's boring is the way they steamroller through the league year after year and any bumps in the road are flattened with another 100 million or two.    There's two ways to rule a realm,  those three did it with fear, Klopp does it with love.    If you offered me 10 years of no trophies but good football, cracking players, Klopp and great European nights, or trophies with Guariola's bitter, angry mentalism. I'd take Klopp all day long.