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Duncan Clench

MCSE and Comptia

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Morning all.


I'm thinking of doing the MCSE and/or Comptia qualifications. Basically I know most of it already but I think it'd be rather good to be able to prove that I know it.


So, has anyone done either or both?


Which should I do?


Where's a good place to study for it? Was thinking online study. There's a million and one places for it so a recommendation would be very useful.


Is it worth it?


Basically, any info you might have on the matter would be wonderful.



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Don't want to piss on any chips, but when I interview anyone I just totally ignore any of these qualifications, you can just downloads all the questions/answers off the Internet and pass without any real knowledge.


It probably isn't helpful in any way, but the only thing that really helps is experience or academic qualifications.

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Interesting angle. Thanks. I figured that when going for a job, it's better to have the qualification than not. I wonder how many employers have the same attitude.


I'll have a look at the OU and see if there's anything that might be better.


Thanks again.

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