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    • Southgate actually came over as being somewhat apologetic about the whole affair. Fair play to him for suspending Sterling for last nights game, but I get the feeling that was more of a team decision. Southgate will always whistle to the tune of the F.A. 
    • Brazil play Argentina this evening at 18:00 CET in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. (money grabbing bastards)   Hope Alssion, Bobby and Fabinho find themselves warming the bench.    No other players in possible action until tomorrow. 
    • This whole thing is basically over a fuck-all incident of the sort that happens between players fairly regularly. The vast majority of the time, they sort the matter out between themselves, move on and go back to being mates again. That's clearly been the case here between Gomez and Sterling. For very obvious reasons, the media have been complicit in turning this whole thing into a shitstorm that gets every S*n-reading, Leave-voting, BoJo-loving, Carling-chugging, six-fingered, web-footed, mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging Ingurlund twatbiscuit to demonstrate their stupidity. It wasn't long ago when these knobheads were booing Sterling for not reproducing his club form in an England shirt, just like they used to boo John Barnes.   While Sterling has said that booing Gomez was wrong because he'd done absolutely nothing wrong, that very same sentiment should have been clearly pointed out by Sterling, Southgate and co immediately after the incident on Monday. They could have nipped it in the bud before the media could make a bigger deal out of it, but instead we've had Sterling's PR offensive and Southgate trying to demonstrate that he's still in charge by 'disciplining' Sterling (read: resting a player who wouldn't be needed for the team to batter the hapless Montenegrins anyway), leaving the media to continue to stir the shit.   All this before the usual eve-of-a-tournament guff from the English press which alternates between calling the England team world-beaters and trying to find some salacious off-the-field shit to hammer certain individuals over.
    • That was pretty good. Very watchable.
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