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Fenech used to star in all these sleazy 70s giallo films, constantly in her birthday suit.


You need a bit of that.

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Valerie Leon, my favourite ever woman.














Was she in the carry on films? Matron or Doctor or some shit.

If it is the same one it was probably my first proper hard on. id had them as far as i can remember. Babs' tits blah. Porno in the bushes blah.

Then this turns up and blew my mind. Briefly she was incredible.

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I know she's on here numerous times but what the hell


Lynda Carter






I think she'll pass the Vlad real tit test

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Absolutely. She's still a bit of a milf now.

More like a GILF or GGILF


And by ‘I’ I mean ‘you’

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Tippi Hedren from The Birds, reckon Verhoeven was watching this before he directed Basic Instinct... 





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    • I’ve no idea if we’re gonna sign this fella or whether he’s any good, but I was thinking recently that some older signings away from our traditional model under FSG might actually be the right approach for the next couple of windows because of players like Jones, Williams and Elliot.   however promising they are, they’re too young and inexperienced yet to be anything other than a drop off from the quality of our first team, but there’s reasonable levels of hope they can contribute and maybe even get to be regulars in time.   that means we don’t want to block their progress, but also that we don’t want to rely fully on them.   so wouldn’t signing a couple of players who are a little older and could just be seen here for 2 years or so, be the right way to go?

    • Jürgen Klopp has expressed his delight with Curtis Jones committing to the club for the next five seasons.

      The home-grown talent has impressed when given opportunities in domestic cup competitions famously scoring the winner in the FA Cup against Everton earlier this season and also showing nerves of steel to score the winning penalty in the Carabao Cup thriller against Arsenal.

      The manager has signalled that the 19 year-old will play an increased role in the seasons ahead and expressed his delight about the signature.

      The Official site reported Klopp as saying:

      "Today’s news is more about reward. 

      "When Curtis signed we made promises to him that if he continued to improve and grow as a player that we would make sure we recognised that and that is what we have now done. 

      “That is our way here.

      “We want our young players to achieve their maximum and a big part of that is keeping the focus on their journey and not just a destination. You have to make sure their development is constant, otherwise you are failing them.

      “I could not be more pleased or proud to see how he has blossomed. Super attitude – brilliant application – and a really important member of this squad now.

      “His quality is not in doubt; technically and ability-wise at the highest level. But plenty of young players have the skills, it’s about more than that if you want to achieve potential and Curtis is showing it.

      “For Curtis now it’s about continuing his improvement. If he does that, he can achieve anything he wants in the game. I think we are the perfect environment for him, so it’s a very cool situation.

      “I love it that our supporters will be able to enjoy having more than one ‘Scouser in our team”

      The youngster was naturally thrilled to commit to his boyhood club and the faith that they have shown in him.  

      “For me, as everyone knows, it's massive. 

      “It’s my boyhood club and it's the whole of my family's club as well. 

      “For me it's huge. I think the environment and stuff is all positive and keeps me as positive as I can. Of course we're working with a great manager and around the best team in the world, so for me it was easy and [I'm] extremely proud. 

      Jones said that he loves learning from the senior midfield unit and has placed high expectations in what he wants to achieve at the club.

      “Once I sign, I don't really think about that. 

      "I just want to go out on the pitch and be the best I can and show everybody the player that I'm going to be in the future. 

      "As soon as I signed now, I'm straight back out there, 100 per cent work again. 

      “As I said before, I'm looking forward to the opportunities that the manager and the rest of the staff will be giving. 

      “I'm here to make history at the club and try and be a legend at the club and want to be remembered by the whole of the fans throughout the whole time that LFC lasts.”

      View full article
    • Brandt is 24 and Goretzka 25, they are both rated as about the same value (Transfermarkt) but approximately €6-7M less than Thiago so would seem to be more fitting to our model? Unlikely either would be available if we were interested unless we slap the money on the table but as we’re newly crowned CHAMPIONS, they’d come with a premium added no doubt.   Curtis Jones has just signed a new deal so likely he’s expecting to play more in the future and that might be a better indicator of whether we’re going to sign a central midfielder or not.   It’d also create space for another academy player to be brought through.  
    • James Milner has revealed how he embraced the challenge of being Liverpool’s fill-in left-back during the 2016/7 season.

      Throughout his distinguished career, Milner has shown a great deal of versatility and professionalism.

      In the days of ‘stroppy antics’, Milner is of the old-guard in putting his head down and producing a real good shift for the team even if it meant playing out of his customary position.

      But even he admits to raising a eyebrow when Jürgen Klopp came to him in time of a positional crisis when the incumbent left-back Alberto Moreno had produced one poor performance too many even for the patient manager to tolerate.

      Milner recalled the story per The Mirror (via Sky Sports):

      “It was what the manager needed at the time.

      “There's always going to be positions you prefer but you do what's needed for the team.

      “I suppose at that point I could have turned around and said, 'No I don't want to do that, I want to leave.

      “A few of the boys were a bit surprised when we set up at pre-season training the next day and I was at left-back, but that was part of the fun.”

      Milner admitted that Klopp has a true level of persuasion about him and the way the German put the challenge to him made him more willing to embrace it.  

      “Yeah I think so, you can see how he is around the team, but it's also wanting to be part of that.

      "Do you want to walk away from Liverpool and a manager of his calibre and not be part of something? I did the job as best I could and the year after that I don't know what was in his mind.

      "Maybe he thought, 'Left-back, that's him done,' so it was a challenge to force my way back into the reckoning in midfield and I managed to do that."

      Despite plenty of reports linking him back to his boyhood club Leeds last December, the veteran put pen to paper on a contract extension which sees him commit to the club until the end of the 2021/22 season.

      Milner has never hid his admiration for the Yorkshire club and you get the sense that he would love to make a fairytale return one day.

      “You never know in football, what's around the corner, but I just want to contribute and win as many trophies as I can for Liverpool and add to the great history here,

      “I'm biased, but I think the Premier League will be a better place for Leeds in it, and it will be weird to play against them next season.

      “It seems a long time ago since I pulled on that shirt, you look back at photos and see how big the shirts were back then.

      "Plenty has changed since then, unfortunately I was part of the team that got relegated and they haven't come back and recovered just yet.

      "It would be great to see them back next season and their fans are incredible as well."

      View full article
    • Not saying it's happening but Pearce hasn't debunked it yet. And our transfer strategy is about value. Maybe with 1 year left on his deal and considering his ability, we find the reduced fee reasonable and the wages affordable when we get rid of some players like Lallana, Lovren, etc...
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