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    • I'm surprised that Southgate had the bollocks to drop him to be honest.
    • Sure it's not "Razana"?   When someone whines like a diva, runs like birdie and fights like a bitch, then maybe, just maybe, it's not a male?  
    • Just seen this on YouTube for this first time... Brilliant clip and great scenes from the players and fans when Salah scores the equaliser in the Champions League second leg    
    • I agree that for Henderson he's probably best as an 8.   But for this team, I think he's better as the 6 (as back up for Fabinho, who is easily first choice at that position).   My reasoning being, I'd rather see two of Gini, Keita, Ox as the 8s over him.   I've been a huge Henderson supporter on here.  Think some of the shit he's got over the years from our own fans has been disgusting.   I think he's showing he can contribute in this team, hence being a regular in our best team we've had in the PL era, for the European Champions.  Not just with his graft, an assist vs City & goal vs Spurs showed he can contribute in attack as well.     But I do think if we want to go up another level (which is incredibly tough given our record the last 38 league games)... then he is the weakest link in the team IMO, in terms of the regulars.  However that doesn't mean he is weak, as he's a very good player.  The problem for Henderson is we're getting so good the rest of the team are elite players.     I have never claimed he's elite, just that he's far better than perceived.  But our team is getting so good I do think we're beginning to out grow a few of this squad - Henderson, Milner & Lovren types.  Three players who will give their all, can have great games, offer lots interst of leadership, passion etc.  But as players when compared to Salah, Mane, VVD, Robertson, Trent, Firmino, Fabinho, Alisson - are not elite.   That's fine for now as you don't need XI elite players to be an elite team.  I love seeing him do well after all the shit he's had.  Love seeing him prove those doubters wrong - he was never a weak leak in the past.   He's really effective and I think that was shown as when he went off look how much trouble Trent was having after that.  Ox couldn't protect him as well, we had to put Gomez on & Trent at RM to nullify that threat, which before that Henderson was dealing really well with.    Now I see he's the one Southgate is using to try to solve the Gomez / Sterling spat.  He really is turning into a great leader & that was another doubt people had about him, his character.  That cannot be questioned!
    • Too much time on my hands but I had to know         Wanker.pdf
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