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Do you support your national team?  

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  1. 1. Do you support your national team?

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I didn't miss a single Ireland home game for 20 years and went to almost every away game for 14 years during that with a spell of 7 years of not missing a singlke home or away game. But over the last few years I've found myself less and less interested in International football. I still go to the majority of games, but not overly concerned if I miss a few. Still support the team 100%, but there is no doubt that Liverpool is much more important to me.

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I was born in Ormskirk but live in Dublin since I was 7. I follow Ireland and go to the majority of their matches, but also look out for England results. I never really give a shit if either loose, but if Liverepool loose I'm livid for days. So I guess it's easy to say Liverpool more important. Anyhow I think international games are crap to watch most of the time.

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