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Hehe, defo worth watching.

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Sky1 have annouced that Psychic medium Derek Acorah will perform a live séance in an attempt to contact Michael Jackson — live on television. Two shows, one called ‘Michael Jackson: The Live Séance’, the other ‘Michael Jackson: The Search For His Spirit’ are to air in November.


The shows will apparently take place at a secret location where Michael Jackson once stayed. The show will be presented by June Sarpong, and will give fans a chance to reconnect with their hero. DigitalSpy has the full article.


Sky1 director of programmes Stuart Murphy said; “There is an insatiable appetite to find out more about Michael Jackson. He was an extraordinary figure and the curiosity surrounding his life - and his death - stretches well beyond fans of his music.”


Well, it’s sure to be a ‘Thriller’ when the show airs, but will leave alot of people feeling ‘Black & White’ as to whether the show will be believable or not.


Will you be watching the program?


Derek Acorah to Host; Michael Jackson: The Live Séance Next Month : In Entertainment

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Utterly, utterly ridiculous man. Wasn't he outed as a total fraud by some bird he used to work with? And didn't he fuck himself right up in front of an audience when questioned by a stooge? Anyone who takes that turd seriously should be shot in the face.

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