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Mrs Turdseye’s mate came round with her dog which was on the blob. The dog had a nappy on but when they nipped out to the shop the nappy fell off so I had to retreat to the kitchen because I didn’t want dog cunt plasma all over my living room carpet. Here’s our Bailey teaching it some manners. 






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Had some grim news from back home that my dog may need to be put to sleep due to muscle failure that's came from old age. I gave my consent because it's not fair on her to be doped up all the time on painkillers, plus she's 13 next month so that's a belter life span for any dog, especially considering she was rescued as a puppy. 


Some photos of her taken in a groomers last year



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Sorry to hear that Ken, I went through similar recently. It's the pay-off for everything they bring us I guess.


Gorgeous looking dog and adopted rather than bought which is always fantastic.

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My wife has wanted a dog for as long as I've known her but we've always been very sensible in accepting that it's not possible. We both work full time and just couldn't spend the time with one during the day. 


She's a teacher and a few months ago, her boss mentioned that they were going to allow two dogs in to school as "listening dogs" for children that are reluctant readers and that one of them could be ours. So, after 10 years+ of waiting, we're getting a dog! We've got to train it so that it's fine in school but we've settled on a cockapoo which are great around kids, intelligent and obedient. Went to look at some yesterday and fell in love with this little fella. He arrives in 5 weeks!


Names currently being considered include Virgil van Dogk, Jordan Hendogson and Divock. I probably won't be allowed to name him.



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