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    • If we bought him Lovren would be gone, the other two miss enough games he would get starts easily.
    • I totally agree with that (and that we are not talking about strategies that worked in the past) - I am just not sure the notion that there are plenty of fellas who can crack the nut for us.   Look at the type of players Barca/Real or Bayern bring in over that same time period.    Real paid over 200 mil last season for a few guys who cannot get a game. That is BEFORE you figure in Hazard.   Barca hand picked the guy who was going to improve them, form us, and have been trying to flog him ever since. That is before you worry about Dembele, Malcolm, Griezmann or whoever was the world class talent that was supposed to slot right in.   Bayern - paid through the nose for a defender who sits on the bench.   Doesn't seem so easy tbh.  
    • Would he agree to be a 3rd/4th choice for us, is the issue. By all accounts he's a terrific defender but I don't know why he'd sign for us unless we sold both Matip and Lovren. I'd agree he should stay at Brighton. 
    • Tuesday Jun 30:   The content keeps on coming. Great little interview with Mo on LFCTV today where he spoke about five of his goals from this season. He doesn’t tend to do that many interviews and when he does he doesn’t give too much away, but this was great as he looked so relaxed and happy. But then why wouldn’t he? He’s been here three years and he’s won all the big trophies already. You'd be like a dog with two dicks wouldn't you?   I was thinking today about last Thursday and how it all unfolded with the players watching together at Formby Hall. Short of winning it on the pitch at Anfield in front of a full house there was no better way that could have played out, as they were all together and could celebrate properly.   After we beat Palace Klopp said he would watch the City game but only because we were playing them next week. He had no plans for a celebration. I believe him too. At that moment I’d bet that was exactly what he was thinking. In the end though it was Klopp himself who ordered the squad to stay together the next day and it was really the only decision to make.   Otherwise you’d have had some groups of players watching it together and others staying at home. There would have been no moment to enjoy it together. What they did was a stroke of genius really. Organising a barbecue and then watching the game after. If City had won the game it would have been a good team bonding exercise regardless, and we’d never have known about it because it was kept low key. Players only started posting stuff to social media after the game when the celebrations started. It was all very clever really.   Klopp will have hated the idea of ‘tempting fate’ by watching the game together hoping City lose as that’s not how he rolls, but it was really the only thing to do and as it turned out, it was perfect. They had a great day together, became Champions and then - based on some of the videos that have come out since - they had the party to end all parties. Klopp dancing in his little tight shorts was fucking hilarious.   I wonder how many players didn’t have a drink? The muslim lads obviously didn’t, Milner defo won’t have, but Hendo was hinting that he might have one. Do we reckon they’ll have let Harvey have a little bevvy? Not only is he underage but based on what he did after Madrid last year there was also the risk he might get on snapchat and call Guardiola a fucking slaphead or something. My guess is they let him have a few bottles but confiscated his phone, just in case.   Wednesday Jul 1:   Speaking of Elliott, this is great. The club posted a training video on their Facebook account, and his nan replied to it, saying: “Harvey you are doing so well. So proud of how far you have come. Love nan xx Good to see Milner back too x”   It’s cracked me up. It’s the most ‘nan thing’ ever. Sending it to the club account rather than Harvey’s was funny enough on its own, but it was the ‘good to see Milner back too’ afterthought that tipped me over the edge. To quote a famous washed up musician, it’s just ‘too funny’.   Also today, there’s a training video on LFCTV and Shaq’s hair is incredible. However much he paid for that op it was worth it, as unlike other ones I’ve seen (Kloppo and Rooney for example) he’s actually got a head of hair that’s so thick it could be a pundit on Talksport (with apologies to Ray Parlour, my favourite fella on that station).   Other content on the site had Lovren talking about winning the title and he was asked about the instagram post he made where he spoke of all the people who didn’t get to see us do it. He expanded on it to say he had spoken with a terminally ill 14 year old lad who was desperate to see us win the title, but he passed away three days before we won it. He had tears in his eyes and it was a really touching moment. He’ll probably move on this summer (although he wasn’t talking that way) and I feel that it’s time for that now, but he’s a good guy is Dejan and I’ll always have a soft spot for him.   Ol’ Big Bird did an interview too. He doesn’t speak much and he has no social media presence whatsoever (I fucking love him for that) but we need to see more Matip as his voice is boss. He revealed that he won’t play again this season because of the injury he picked up at the Pit, but he hopes to be ready for the start of next season.    Initially I thought ‘fucking hell, didn’t think it was THAT bad’. Then I realised that there’s only about four weeks left and then probably just a two week break. It’s just hard wrapping my head around all this shit, it’s been a mad few months.     This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article   Please note that the Week that Was is only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here. 
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