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Don't understand what Gary Neville did wrong, if I'm honest.


I would celebrate in the exact same manner if we scored the winner in a derby match in the 6th minute of stoppage time.


Out of interest how did you feel when he ran the length of the pitch to rub our noses in it at OT?


He did exactly what Adebayor did and he has previous for it.


I thought he made himslef look a right bell (not hard I know) when he tried to make it look like he was warming up.

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Is being 'black' bad?


I was thinking more of Rooney's kid being female and looking like her dad - but with only one eye. Yes, I know, that's sick and really not acceptable. Well, fuck it, I've just seen the BBC highlights, and what I wish on Rooney is fuck all to what I would bring down on that Scotch dick, Hansen - "I thought United were omnipotent". Yes, of course they were, Alan, that's why conceded three fucking goals! Not a word of condemnation for Ferguson's defenders. Worse still, not an acknowledgement of Bellamy's two fantastic goals. And then a justification for the extra time played by the cunt referee. The twatting BBC have now set a precedant for all games in which the 'added time' extends to ridiculous lengths.


And I would knock fuck out of that twat cod-Brummie shit sucker, Chiles. Just because I know I could and he's a got an ugly fucking wife who deserves an equally fucking hideous partner. And Lee Dixon has probably fucked Hansen's daughter so he's got something that will make him piss in pain for a while.


I fucking hate fucking, cunting, twatting, shite smelling Manchester. Osama Bin missed a chance today. Two planes and he could have.............. Ahh, fuck it!


god, i love the way you spit bile

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