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    • I really dont know how this 'man' keeps his job as a writer, never mind so called chief sports writer on a paper.   His favourite hobby horse as we all know, if that owners should be allowed to funnel as much of their own money into a club without restriction. How the money comesto the owners, whether through porn, ill gotten gains or just accident of birth as in the case ofthe owners of PSG, manchester city and now newcastle united, is of no consequence to samuel. It's their money and they can do what they want with it. The cunt will be welcoming drug barons to the PL next.   All this accomplished so others can buy the 'dream' of a successful club and buy a seat at the top table with what he calls 'legacy' clubs. To you and me, that's clubs who have been successful ever since the football league was formed in 1888. Being a top club  because you have displayed sporting excellence over the course of your history is to be sneered at.   But, in his effort to both ridicule those opposed to the Saudi take over of newcastle and sanitise it, he stoops so low as to now play the race card with the headline 'Why is saudi money worse than cash from a bunch of white Americans?' Seriously? I dont suppose the fact that the majority of people are appalled that these owners suffocated a guy by putting a plastic bag over his head then cut him up, putthe bits in bin bags and disposed of them such that no one has found them? Oh, and the guy happened tobe the same profession as you, samuel, a journalist?   Utter contemptible twat.
    • I'm voting tactically, I want God only knows to win so don't want a good Beatles song in the final. Not really in the spirit of the competition but hey ho at least I admit it. 
    • Agree with this and it's great seeing Martin and Short having fun again. It has been renewed for season 2 too.
    • Manchester United v Liverpool: Working as a pundit analysing Manchester United’s win over Atalanta on BT Sport on Wednesday night, Paul Scholes said Jurgen Klopp would be “rubbing his hands together” at the prospect of facing United on Sunday. The Liverpool manager insisted he was doing nothing of the kind.  ““I was watching the game and there was not one second where I was rubbing my hands together, I can say that,” he told reporters. “There was no reason for it. Atalanta caused United problems in the first half but even in that half, United had three clear-cut chances. Second half was a demonstration of United going for it, which can cause problems. I’m preparing the team for a tough game against a really good opponent.” Last Updated: 12:42 Friday, 22 October 2021 1h ago Manchester United v Liverpool: More from Jurgen Klopp on Sunday’s big game. “I prepare the team for a tough game against a really good opponent,” he said. “I prepare for Manchester United and the Battle of Britain and all these things because they have a really good team. United versus Liverpool is a massive game, obviously we know that. United are not overly happy with results so far but we all know they are able to do incredible stuff. This we know as we have already seen it.”
    • I saw that they found 9 more bodies in the search for him, all of whom have been the subject of existing missing persons cases.   It seems American law enforcement is not much use for anything outside terrorising minorities.
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