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16 hours ago, paddyberger said:




Isn't that the actor who played the kidnapper/all round slow burn physco in Breaking Bad? 

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    • Aren't they looking at that Greek left back? Oh.
    • I've always thought that surely we could get a better kit sponsor than Standard Chartered. Like not a scummy bank and maybe an actual recognizable brand. The Chevy logo looks like shit on a football shirt but at least everyone knows what it is. 
    • Meh, we do the same thing. Pay a premium price for our players or you're not getting them. They aren't saying Lewis, Cantwell, etc... aren't for sale and can't leave, they're saying pay the fee we want or you're not getting them. No problem with that. It's standard stuff.   And to be honest, we flimflammed the market when we got Robertson for the same money, but nowadays 8m +2 or whatever we bid for a young British player with potential and a long contract was a bit of a piss take bid anyway. 
    • Very good thread.    Our lack of commercial growth is pretty concerning and i'm glad the club look to be addressing it. May be a big reason why Peter Moore was moved on. I mean the 5m/year deal with Western Union was shite even at the time we agreed to it.   We have a very successful team, one of the biggest fanbases in the globe, a really compelling sporting narrative (YNWA, 30 years, etc.), global international icons (in Salah, Mane, VVD, Allison) and incredibly charismatic manager. Surely we should be doing better commercializing all of that? A 76m/year gap between us and the Mancs (whilst we've been at our peak and them at their nadir) is not good enough.
    • Eh? I disagree - I think they do. I'm sure you've heard Jurgen specifically talking about the importance of good squad morale, harmony and doing the right thing for the player. Some of it is fluff but it's largely the reason he's such a brilliant manager.     Norwich now have a fucked off LB in their ranks and no doubt, all of their other players who wanted PL moves will take note (Cantwell, Aarons, etc). Good luck to them at finding a club who'll give them what they value him at after we've publicly walked away - I agree he'll find another club but I don't think they'll get more than 12m for him.    I'm not saying they were obliged to sell to us, but I don't think we'd have walked away unless they were being pretty absurd with their valuation. Noises of "20m and we can start talking" are ridiculous if true. I don't think Liverpool wanted a back and forth saga over a backup LB, and Norwich unfortunately didn't read the room.    Lastly, poor lad. Im really happy with Tsimikas (he was my preference based on what I've seen and read) but Lewis is a talented British fullback who has publicly gushed over our two British world-class fullbacks and was willing to take a pay cut as in investment in his career. I like the idea of players like that playing for us and I hope he finds an alternative club where he can succeed.
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