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    • I fully endorse a hard fought kicking match!   Be difficult for Spurs to offer less than they did in the League Cup games.
    • https://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/rhys-williams-recalled-swansea-loan-spell
    • Exactly right , Moo , since the start of 2017 there have been19 slams ,Osaka has won 3 , Barty 2 ,and the other 14 have been won by 14 different ladies , so the thought she was going to start winning every GS match is pie in the sky. Good luck to her going forward.
    • It almost felt like Chelsea’s trip to City on Saturday was the last throw of the dice for Chelsea and for us in the title race.   If Chelsea could have won then game back on, but if they lost then they were definitely out of it and it would make our task look quite insurmountable too. And unfortunately, Chelsea did lose. And they barely went down with a whimper.   I don’t usually watch City but this was one I felt I needed to tune in to. I switched off as soon as City scored because it was clear the way Chelsea were playing there was never going to be any way back if they conceded. And with Kepa in goal that was always likely.   De Bruyne’s goal was quality but it wasn’t right in the corner and a better keeper saves it. Kepa took a step to his right and then couldn’t get back across. Mendy going to AFCON has fucked Chelsea over there. Well, spending a world record fee on a below average keeper is the thing that fucked them most, but I’m splitting hairs.   I’m not going to waste any time even talking about City. Fuck them and their cheating ways. I’ll just focus on Chelsea because they’re one of the teams we are competing with and that we should measure ourselves up against. As I keep saying, if you’re up against Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France and you’re not on the roids, then you should measure yourself against the other clean cyclists rather than the doped up cheating cunt.   Not that Chelsea are ‘clean’ exactly, but you know what I mean. Compared to City they’re sparkling white. They’re in a really bad run though and I thought they were pathetic in this game, which was actually there for the taking if they’d been braver. By that I don’t even mean throwing men forward. Just passing it forward occasionally would have helped.   Fuck me, it was infuriating. I know Tuchel beat City a couple of times playing defensively but this was never going to get it done. Why pick Lukaku if you’re going to play like that? He isn’t blameless as he missed a great chance, but overall I felt sorry for him and I’ve done a complete 180 on the comments he made the other week that got him in trouble with Tuchel.   Having watched him make countless runs in behind, pointing where he wanted the ball only to then have to stop and come back onside because no cunt would pass to him, I’m 100% on Lukaku’s side now. He could have destroyed City if his team-mates had actually passed to him.   Honestly, I counted at least half a dozen times when Chelsea had the ball between the lines and City were in trouble. Their high line was there to be exploited with the ball into the space and Lukaku was constantly between the two centre backs pointing into the space where he wanted it. And almost every time they went sideways or backwards and let City reset.   No fucking wonder he wants to be back at Inter. I don’t blame him at all, especially as he didn’t want to leave there in the first place. Why the fuck did Tuchel select that Ziyech turd? And why did he leave him on as long as he did? It was infuriating because that was a game Chelsea could have won, but they beat themselves in the end   Their results have nosedived since they lost Chilwell and then James. You’d think they’d have the quality to cope with that and on paper they certainly have, but the results speak for themselves. They were flying and then they started spluttering.      This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article   Please note that Match Reports are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £3 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here. 
    • 2 years, not a bad run though. Half a snicker at today's sizes won't be worth having. My HR manager told me that as my job wasn't office based I needed to spend a couple of days working from home for tax reasons, I chose Friday and Monday, loved it.