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Beardsley vs. Benayoun

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Beardsley is just one of those players who just puts a smile on your face with his play. As some have said he was underrated that little shuffle of his was ace and he mastered the chipped goal he had this knack of making defenders and keepers look daft. He was also in involved in several strike partnerships but also chipped in with his share of quality goals.


You often find players who had his skill didn't work hard for the team not Beardsley though. I found this one of the youtube comments don't know if it's true but.


"True story. A mate of my dads was laying a new patio at Peter the Great's house, and Peter came out and said "are you doing this on your own?" and the fell says "aye" so Peter rolls up his sleeves and get's stuck in with mixing cement, and gave him a hand to finish the job. A proper gentleman great footballer, and never lost touch with his roots."

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Guest ShoePiss
Beardsley was a fantastic player, but the Diao/Dalglish thing is just stupid. Yossi is a very good player, and while he isn't at Beardo's level, he also didn't cost the British transfer record, which would have been over 31m (I checked).


of course it was stupid, that was the point. I'm not saying diao is anything like yossi. It was an exaggeration for effect.


Oh and chris, how old are you? Just wondering how old you were between 87 and the 90/91 season...

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